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Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek Review

tinyBuild has done a great job in building its portfolio over the past five years with many titles being well received such as Mr. Shifty, The Final Station and Party Hard 2. There are other games however that haven’t exactly shone bright. Hello Neighbor released last year for the first time yet before that is when it received most of […]

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Phantom Trigger Review

I try my best to avoid a lot of indie titles. Not because of the overall quality but because there are so bloody many! I want to get my hands on most but really haven’t the time or more importantly …the funds. Enter Phantom Trigger, another TinyBuild published title. Developed by Bread Team which have no affiliation with the carb […]

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Punch Club Review

The first rule of Punch Club, you don’t talk about Punch Club. I had toyed with the idea of this review just being that first sentence and a score, but I guess that wouldn’t be proper or whatever. This sporting management sim is developed by Lazy Bear Games and published by rapidly growing publisher, tinyBuild. Since the Hello Switch digital […]

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Garage Review

Garage from tinyBuild and Zombie Dynamics is a top down twin-stick shooter with a heavy inspiration taken from the VHS era B-movies. It takes this humorous approach and combines that with horror tropes with the intent or what feels like the intent of making something that feels like both horror and slightly comedy but not to the extent of it […]

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Top Games Releasing In: May 2018

May is here, that means another list of the top games coming this month. 2018 has a stacked line-up of scheduled releases, here are the games coming this month:- A Total War Saga: Thrones Of Britannia (Releasing: Thursday 3rd – Platform(s): PC) Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Releasing: Friday 4th – Platform(s): Switch) Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor – Martyr (Releasing: Saturday […]

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New Garage Trailer

Garage is a top down shooter inspired by the VHS era B-movies. Play as an ex drug dealer named Butch, who takes on hordes of living dead and mutants. It is set to launch on May 10th for the Nintendo Switch. tinyBuild have been working hard with the developers Zombie Dynamics to get the game done and have been able […]

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Graveyard Keeper Gameplay Reveal Trailer

tinyBuild have released a Gameplay Reveal trailer for their upcoming game, Graveyard Keeper. The trailer showcases five minutes of brand new gameplay and features cemetery building, dungeon exploration and what they call ‘questionable ethics’. Developed by Lazy Bear Games (developers of Punch Club) in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Graveyard Keeper looks to be a historically inaccurate medieval graveyard management sim. Face […]

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Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase Announcements

That’s right, another Nindies Showcase has arrived and has given us a look at what Indie titles Switch gamers can expect in the coming months. All titles they announced have a release window within 2018. Mark of the Ninja Remastered is coming to the handheld, home console hybrid in Fall 2018. Stealth your way to victory over your enemies by […]

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Clustertruck Review

First things first, the name is the single most accurate way to describe this game. Clustertruck is an indie platformer developed by Landfall Games and published by tinyBuild. The latter of which have been making waves in the indie scene as of late with numerous releases per year for the past two. Landfall is best known for developing Clustertruck which […]

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tinyBuild Announce Six Games Heading To Switch

tinyBuild has posted a #HelloSwitch video in which they announce six titles that are heading to the beloved Nintendo Switch platform. Opening up the video is CEO Alex Nichiporchik who goes on to do detail the six games each with their own hype and gameplay trailer and general footage. The Final Station puts players in the middle of a dying world […]

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Party Hard Tycoon – Early Access Preview

Set in the world of Party Hard, in which you play the role of a mass murdering/dance loving nutter, Party Hard Tycoon is a spin-off party management sim akin to Theme Hospital of old. You are tasked with hosting the most banging party possible and climbing the ladder via social success. But beware – the Slasher May turn up at your party. […]

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Outpost Zero Announced

tinyBuild today unveiled a brand new game from Symmetric Games, Outpost Zero. It is a multiplayer sci-fi first person shooter that features base building, resource management and elements of survival. Take control of an AI Overseer sent from Earth with the task of establishing a habitat that can sustain human life, easy right? Well it just so happens that the […]

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The Final Station Review

Below is CONQUEST’s video review for The Final Station on Steam and was reviewed by Michael Jones (Gryffudd). Story: 8.0/10 Visuals: 7.0/10 Sound: 7.0/10  Gameplay: 5.5/10 Game Design / Innovation: 6.5/10 OVERALL: 6.8/10 – AVERAGE