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Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek Review

tinyBuild has done a great job in building its portfolio over the past five years with many titles being well received such as Mr. Shifty, The Final Station and Party Hard 2. There are other games however that haven’t exactly shone bright. Hello Neighbor released last year for the first time yet before that is when it received most of […]

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Hereditary (2018) Review

Hereditary is the debut feature film of director Ari Aster and what a debut it is. This is a great slow burn horror about a grieving family, dealing with the loss of their grandmother and the series of unusual or creepy events that unfolds, building to a superb climax that is scary, tense and fascinating. This isn’t your typical supernatural […]

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Agony Review

I love a good horror game me, ever since ol Resident Evil first launched on the classic PlayStation. I’ve come to think of myself a connoisseur of the genre. So I’m always eager to get hands on any new release with promise. Madmind games comes to the scene with Agony, we have been sent the Xbox One version to take […]

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Horror / Adventure Game The Long Reach Announced

Painted Black Games and Merge Games have announced their upcoming adventure game that features a horror like story with sci-fi ideology, psychological context and what they describe as a sceptical view on the human psyche. The Long Reach is set in present day Baervox, a fictional town in New Hampshire. It draws inspiration from Lone Survivor and The Cave however, […]

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The Killing of a Sacred Deer Review

When Yorgos Lanthimos’s previous film ‘The Lobster’ came out two years ago, it seemingly sprung out of nowhere. I knew barely anything about it, but the film ended up being one of my favourites of 2017. So now here is his latest film and the same thing can be said again. I went into it knowing nothing aside Colin Farrell […]

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The Evil Within 2 – New Character Trailer

Father Theodore is the “Righteous” Priest, The Wrathful, shrouded in mystery. Theodore is one of the human “monsters” who have entered the new STEM world in The Evil Within 2 with the goals of bringing his message to all. Fury and immolation await those who seek to oppose him. The Evil Within 2 launches worldwide on Friday the 13th, October […]

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Mother! (2017) Review

Darren Aronofsky’s latest film is one that has polarized critics and left mainstream audiences baffled. It’s bold, outrageous and absolutely wonderful in it’s own disturbing way. I loved it! The film follows Veronica (Jennifer Lawrence) who lives peacefully in an old isolated house with her writer/poet husband (Javier Bardem). One day a mysterious guest comes to visit, disrupting the quiet […]

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Friday The 13th: The Game Release Date

Gun Media and Illfonic have announced the release date for Friday The 13th: The Game and it’s fast approaching. May 26th, 2017 is when you can expect to cause mayhem, bring despair and have some good ol’ killing fun. Releasing on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam in a month’s time, prepare for Jason’s fury.