Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek Review

tinyBuild has done a great job in building its portfolio over the past five years with many titles being well received such as Mr. Shifty, The Final Station and Party Hard 2. There are other games however that haven’t exactly shone bright. Hello Neighbor released last year for the first time yet before that is when it received most of it’s publicity, due to somewhat a broken state of the game in terms of technical issues and in difficulty when in early access. Keen on sticking to the IP, Hide and Seek looks to rectify what went wrong but instead, makes things worse.

It very much feels like a rehash of the original just with differing characters and the intent of building a narrative that leads up to the first title. I didn’t get far, or couldn’t get far into the content due to lack of direction, interest and a lot of irritation. You play as the young daughter of the Neighbor you had to avoid in the 2017 game. This time it’s about hiding from your brother as they play hide and seek and jump into exaggerated worlds that are based upon the reality of their home.


Whilst playing it becomes obvious that the hide and seek is more a side objective whilst you try to complete different puzzles, and uncover what happened in the events leading up to the game before it. This feels like a piece of DLC and yet is priced otherwise, which wouldn’t be so bad if the quality was there but unfortunately that is not the case.

Gameplay is uninspiring and repetitive with the major game mechanic coming across as completely annoying. Whilst on the run from the brother, if he spots you the music kicks in to let you know he is closing in and when the distance between you is miniscule the screen fades a little, those parts are okay. When he grabs you however, he lets out this completely obnoxious noise somewhat reminiscent of Roger’s “NYEH” in American Dad. Aside from that, I don’t feel incentivised to go ahead with the levels, there’s nothing to clearly guide the way and when I try to accomplish something, I’m held back by terrible level design and difficulty spikes.


The most promising aspect of the series are the visuals, delivering a unique art-style that I feel is now synonymous with these games, from the characters to the worlds, the use of varied colours is inviting and urges you to wander and take in the scenery around you. Accompanied with the ambient noises, each level really comes alive and immerses you right before everything else knocks you back into the real world.


Hide and Seek is a complete misstep for the publishing portfolio of tinyBuild and yet another step in the wrong direction for Dynamic Pixels, a promising premise with lacklustre execution makes for a forgettable experience.

Reviewed by Rhys Baldwin.

(Disclaimer: Jester Says received a review copy of Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek, however this does not in any way affect the scoring of a game or our thoughts on the game itself. We believe in total honesty and being transparent with you.)


tinyBuild Announce Six Games Heading To Switch

tinyBuild has posted a #HelloSwitch video in which they announce six titles that are heading to the beloved Nintendo Switch platform. Opening up the video is CEO Alex Nichiporchik who goes on to do detail the six games each with their own hype and gameplay trailer and general footage.

The Final Station puts players in the middle of a dying world in which they travel through by train. The ultimate goal is to make it to the final station, along the way you ensure your train remains operation and that you look after your passengers. The game heads to Nintendo Switch sometime this month.

You’ve heard of platformers, well Clustertruck is a truckformer in which players play a game of the floor is lava whilst leaping from truck to truck which are all driving forward at great speed. Dodge obstacles along the way and don’t hit the floor. Expect Clustertruck this March.

Punch Club is referred to as a sporting management sim, the player takes on the role of an underground MMA fighter as you try to uncover the mystery of who killed your father. Train hard and fight harder when it releases on Switch, May 2018.

The action stealth game Party Hard is coming to the Switch this Summer. Become a disgruntled neighbour to someone who loves to have loud rave parties, your goal is to put an end to the fun so you can probably get some much needed sleep.

Streets of Rogue wears many caps, it can be likened to a shooter, an rpg, a roguelike, a brawler, an action and even a stealth game, but don’t worry it blends it all together in a fun and unique way. Fight, sneak and hack through procedurally generated cities in Streets of Rogue coming to Switch later this year.

As soon as I saw the title of the even, I immediately knew what game was a certainty in heading to the handheld, home console hybrid from Nintendo. Yes, Hello Neighbor is coming, the survival horror stealth game in which players take on the AI in a battle of wits.

We love the third party support flooding to the Nintendo Switch and can’t wait to see what’s more in the future for a great platform.

Written by Rhys Baldwin.


Top Games Releasing In: December 2017

December is here, that means another list of the top games coming this month. The majority of big AAA titles have already been released and typically, December doesn’t see many new big releases and as such we have also included the release of some expansions:-

Xenoblade Chronicles 2
(Releasing: Friday 1st – Platform(s): Switch)

(Releasing:  Friday 1st – Platform(s): PSVR & Vive)

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris (EXPANSION)
(Releasing: Tuesday 5th – Platform(s): XBO, PS4 & PC)

Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package
(Releasing: Tuesday 5th – Platform(s): PS4)

Steep: Road to the Olympics (EXPANSION)
(Releasing:  Tuesday 5th – Platform(s): XBO, PS4 & PC)

Hello Neighbor
(Releasing: Friday 8th – Platform(s): XBO & PC)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (GAME PREVIEW/EARLY ACCESS)
(Releasing: Tuesday 12th – Platform(s): XBO)

Okami HD
(Releasing: Tuesday 12th – Platform(s): XBO, PS4 & PC)

Tiny Metal
(Releasing: Thursday 21st – Platform(s): PS4, Switch & PC)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been long awaited for those on Xbox One and I am personally interested in the console experience. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is picking up the rear of what has already been a fantastic year for the Switch and looks to finish strong. The first expansion for Destiny 2, Curse of Osiris launches on the 5th and will give players a greater look into the famed guardian Osiris.

Written by Rhys Baldwin.