Battlefield V Review

Battlefield can often be referred to as the rival of Call of Duty, or at least that’s how many gamers see it, you’re either a Call of Duty player, or a Battlefield player etc. I love both series dearly and oppose the idea that they are in direct competition, in the shooter space sure, but they are both a different kind of shooter compared to the other. Large scale warfare is what the BF series excels in, can the same be said for Battlefield V?

Much like in the previous game, the single-player content is split up into War Stories, smaller mini campaigns designed to give a look into different fronts and perspectives of what it was like in World War II for those in active duty. I loved this take on a campaign in BF1 so welcomed the idea of the developers doing this again. My expectations were set high and I believe this time around they missed the mark a little, primarily in quantity rather than the quality.

Under No Flag (UNF) is based in North Africa in 1942, immediately your thrown into the role of Billy Bridger, a prison inmate turned soldier who looks to redeem himself and prove his worth to others. A relatable character for many and someone I found myself empathising with. The missions are straight forward and place you on wide-open maps with objectives such as blowing things up more than anything. An issue I faced was that the second mission relied heavily on stealth gameplay, don’t get me wrong I love that normally, but Battlefield for me has always been about loud, chaotic action. Fortunately, going in stealth isn’t mandatory, however that being said, going in guns blazing is a tougher fight, all the enemies rush to you, reinforcements get called and you need to keep aware of your surroundings to survive. The final act in this story is very much a worthwhile and earned climactic finish that pits you in a survival effort to take on wave after wave of enemy forces in an epic encounter.


Nordlys is the story that was a part of the main marketing push, we had brief looks into this several months prior to launch and is set in 1943 Norway. By this time the country has been occupied for three long years, and it’s time to kick the Germans out. Instantly this feels miles apart from the previous campaign, playing as a young Norwegian resistance fighter who seeks to save her mother and liberate her country. Absolutely love it, the fact that already I’m seeing a contrast in Nordlys and UNF in terms of setting, characters and the mission itself. Much like UNF however, there is a heavy reliance on being quiet, sneaking through and silently killing enemies, this time around though it feels like it fits, I enjoyed playing that way in this scenario.

Tirailleur takes place in 1944 where infantry fight in Provence, France. This completes the trifecta in yet again delivering a new environment, varied characters and a new ideal behind why you are fighting onwards. This time you are a soldier taking part in Operation Dragoon, the goal of liberation is still there but Deme, the character you play seeks for him and his allies to be remembered as Kings for succeeding in a mission where no-one else can. Fighting alongside troops and a close friend makes each conflict feel different to the ones you face in UNF and Nordlys.

I adore the variety in the single-player content, the one thing branching all three stories kind of puts a bad taste in my mouth, stealth enters all three and it doesn’t fit, it absolutely works in Nordlys but feels rather forced in the other two. That aside, I enjoyed my time fighting in the desert, going from there to the snowy mountains and from there to the woodlands, it’s refreshing to witness each setting change and puts the point across that in WWII, the war was quite literally everywhere, a scary profound point. Three characters each come from different backgrounds, a white male prison inmate, a female resistance fighter and a black infantry soldier also show that from 1939-1945, everyone was affected no matter who you were.


It is common knowledge that perhaps everyone gets Battlefield for the multiplayer, each year it is the most important part of the game to get right. It needs to offer something for everyone and provide enough reason to keep playing beyond just killing people and telling them you fornicated with their mother.

There are six game modes to play with eight maps to jump into, the content is there, now it’s just about execution. Breakthrough is straight up attackers looking to push the opposition back by capturing each point in a sector and then onto the next one. Frontlines takes the Breakthrough style and turns it into a two-way street, like a tug of war with both teams trying to push forward point by point. It also has a smaller player count with 32 compared to Breakthrough’s 64.

Conquest is all out war between two teams with the same goals of holding as many objectives on the map and running down the other sides life count. Domination is basically Conquest on a smaller scale, the same exact rules but with half the number of players. Team Deathmatch is as basic as it gets, just get those kills in a 16v16 environment.


Finally, Grand Operations (GO) is the pinnacle of the game mode offering, a massive conflict that spans multiple days, maps and even other modes with the outcome of each day affecting the next. By far one of my favourite modes to play in any game. It switches things up and keeps you on your feet. No matter how many times I played the same GO it was different each time in terms of what transpired, due to differing team strategies that can drastically alter the field.

It is unfortunate that the other remaining modes are mostly clones of each other with slight revisions. There isn’t much change going from one to the other and someone who likes to switch it up constantly, may be hard to find themselves pleased.

I am happy to say that the maps are varied, all eight are completely distinct from each other. Being able to fight anywhere, on barren wastelands, in farming fields, upon snow covered mountain tops and in once great cities reduced to rubble, is satisfying. No matter the map, I found myself falling in love with the level design, art design and attention to detail, they feel authentic.


Visually it is one of the most stunning games I’ve seen, and DICE have done a fantastic job in putting the Frostbite engine to work, which aesthetically always raises the bar. Everything from design to execution impresses, lighting to weather to ‘leveolution’ it all comes together to produce something that can near enough deceive your eyes. The characters are unique, coming with their own recognisable characteristics and appear lifelike at a glance.

The soundtrack is gorgeous and emotive, combining with the visuals it truly makes for an immersive experience. Going from sad subtle tones to loud booming battle pieces it really takes you on a journey. Alongside that you have the sound effects that bring war to life on the screen, rushing around the field has literally never felt so daunting before in a video game. You hear every bullet, explosion and impact it’s quite unsettling at times, just goes to show the power of audio.

Progression is important, without it there is no reason to continue playing, in this case, it’s a little convoluted but a lot of fun and allows for plenty of experimentation. Your loadouts can be different for each side which allows you to not only choose your assault, medic, support and recon class but for both forces, be it Allied or Axis. The same with vehicles, these can be adjusted with specialisations to suit your playstyle. Going further in you can change your combat role, weapon sights, skins, appearance and much more, I felt a sense of ownership of my character, like it was really mine.


Battlefield V takes the same formula it always has, massive warfare and done little to change it up along the way. Not there’s anything wrong with no straying from a successful path but more innovation is needed to distance itself from previous titles to not be considered a re-skinned iteration in the series. There isn’t enough in terms of story but what is there drew me in hook, line and sinker. Grand Operations is a brilliant achievement in technical design that breathes fresh air into the multiplayer suite. Progression is complex but it incentives you with customisable weapons, vehicles and characters to keep fighting.

Reviewed by Rhys Baldwin.

(Disclaimer: Jester Says received a review copy of Battlefield V, however this does not in any way affect the scoring of a game or our thoughts on the game itself. We believe in total honesty and being transparent with you.)

Battlefield 5 Story Teaser Trailer

As previously mentioned in the EA Press Conference it was said that during the Xbox Conference we would be getting a look into Nordly’s War Story. Check out the trailer below.

“In Battlefield V, lead your squad to victory with new ways to turn the battlefield to your advantage. Assemble your Company of customised soldiers, weapons, and vehicles – then take them on an epic journey through the Tides of War. Experience the most intense, immersive Battlefield yet. You will never be the same.”

Published by Rhys Baldwin.

Battlefield V Multiplayer Reveal & Battle Royale Mode Teased

During EA’s E3 2018 Press Conference, it was teased that Battlefield V would be getting a Battle Royale mode. Not only that but they also delivered a multiplayer trailer that gives us a little look into what we can expect when the game launches later this year.

“Every battle is unique. Every mode its own challenge. Battlefield V multiplayer provides unmatched intensity and scale in a sandbox of all-out war.

Take on classic modes like Conquest or experiences like Grand Operations, where you’ll participate in vast historical battles across multiple maps – and modes – and relive moments of bravery and desperation while fighting your way to the final objective.”

Battlefield V will be available on October 29th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Published by Rhys Baldwin.

Battlefield V Reveal Details & Release Date

Battlefield is returning to World War 2, where it all began for the Battlefield series. The team aim to deliver the untold stories, previously un-played moments, just something that hasn’t already been done to death in films and games before. Above all they want this to be the most immersive experience in the series to date.

Grand Operations is the new multiplayer mode, fight through multiple game modes over multiple maps. It’s operations, but bigger. There will be an extra round known as Last Stand. After fighting for four rounds, resources are low and all remaining players fight until the last man standing. Staying in a squad is recommended as this will allow you access to health and ammo. So after shooting your way through three modes expect one more battle.

Combined Arms is the co-op mode that allows you and up to three other players to go behind enemy lines and complete numerous objectives. Try and push through for bigger rewards or extract early, it’s up to you.

War Stories are back, featuring many perspectives on what it is like to be in the trenches during dark times. One story is of a young resistance fighter who is trying to save her family in the top of Norway.

Players will see an expanded arsenal of weaponry and vehicles that were used during World War 2.

Fortifications is a new defensive strategy system that allows all players to carry a toolbox which can be used to dig out a foxhole, build up barricades and assemble an MG.

The Company is the heart and soul of Battlefield V, it will affect how you play and how your team looks. Players create their own personal experience, your collection of soldiers, weapons and vehicles, tailored to your choices. Looks can be customised for those wanting their unique look.

There is no more premium pass, meaning no paying for new maps or modes, players will stay together, no-one gets left behind.

Tides of War is open to all players and will provide new battles, new fronts and rewards consistently. There will be themed chapters, based on World War 2 history that span multiple months. Participate and receive rewards for doing so. It is an evolving live service journey. New vehicles, new weapons, times events, dog tags, emblems, face paint, soldier skins and weapon skins will all be available to get. Fall of Europe will be the first chapter of Tides of War and begins in November.

Battlefield V releases on October 19th  for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Pre-order now for beta access. Those who pre-order the deluxe edition will get early access to the game on October 16th. EA Access subscribers will be able to parachute in on October 11th.

Pre-order’s also allow for access to Special Assignments starting launch week and instant access to five weapons, if that wasn’t enough you will also net yourself some soldier customisation options.

Published by Rhys Baldwin.

Battlefield V Confirmed

EA have confirmed the next Battlefield game to be called Battlefield V and have claimed that, ‘War will never be the same.’

The full reveal will take place on May 23rd at 1PM PT / 4PM ET / 10PM CET through a live reveal hosted by the DICE team and comedian Trevor Noah.

It is being described as a new Battlefield in a new setting. The reveal will give players a glimpse into DICE’s immersive portrayal of the new setting.

Check back on May 23rd for more Battlefield V information.

Published by Rhys Baldwin.

Star Wars Battlefront II Multiplayer Details

Star Wars Battlefront II will be released November 17th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

EA have detailed what will be available at launch for Star Wars Battlefront II’s multiplayer section. There will be five modes and eleven maps for players to jump into.


Starfighter Assault will pit two teams against each other in a multi-stage objective based space battle. Players can except to pilot fighters, bombers, interceptors and of course those special hero ships. Strike is an eight versus eight, objective based battle.

Hero Vs. Villains returns and will see players once again become some of their favourite characters from the Star Wars universe in a good vs. evil affair. Galactic Assault is an objective based fight that features two teams of twenty players.

Arcade mode is playable in both single-player or split-screen multiplayer. Players will fight against the AI in a variety of scenarios.


Maps included span all Star Wars main series films with:-

  • Theed (Episode I)
  • Kamino (Episode II)
  • Kashyyyk (Episode III)
  • Yavin 4 (Episode IV)
  • Mos Eisley (Episode IV)
  • Hoth (Episode V)
  • Endor (Episode VI)
  • Death Star II (Episode VI)
  • Starkiller Base (Episode VII)
  • Jakku (Episode VII)
  • Takodana (Episode VII)


The Battlefront II beta will feature Starfighter Assault and Galactic Assault and will be available October 6th until the 9th, if you pre-order you can expect to jump in on October 4th.