Project Resistance Teaser Trailer Revealed

After a short wait of wonder on what Capcom will be bringing us in Project Resistance, we are met with a teaser trailer that leaves us still wondering just what will this game exactly be.

Now, educated guesses certainly point to a survival horror game in which four players will seek to stay alive against either the AI or perhaps what looks to be a player-controlled enemy.

What we now for sure is that it is definitely coming to PlayStation 4 as shown at the end of the trailer. More news to come at Tokyo Game Show, stay tuned.

Published by Rhys Baldwin.

Resident Evil 2 At 4K!

Back in 1998 one of the greatest sequels ever made graced our PlayStation, Resident Evil 2. Considered one of the best in the franchise and in my opinion, it holds that crowning top spot. It brought more action the table, 4 different ways to play-through and my favourite bad guy of the bunch. The tension created by just exploring the environment was palpable.

We follow Leon Kennedy, his first night on the job as a police officer and Claire Redfield, in town to visit her brother Chris who’s been uncharacteristically quiet of late. Leon and Claire have two playable campaigns each and there are also a couple secret ones played out by some secondary characters, like corporate saboteur Ada Wong for example.

The remake has changed a few things, opting to go with an over-the-shoulder perspective, first used in Resident Evil 4 …with a more mature Leon Kennedy (its like he’s brought it back from Eastern Europe with him) and the team stated at E3 that this remake will really shake things up, not everything will be where you expect it to be. So if you’re thinking – this will be easy, I remember where everything is from the original – think again.

It’s been confirmed that this glorious remake will be optimised for Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro running in 4K if you choose, however it won’t be able to play at 60fps this way.

Resident Evil 2 remake will release on January 25th, 2019 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Written by Michael Jones.

Resident Evil 2 Revealed

Yes, that’s right, Resident Evil 2 (the remake) has finally been revealed and was done so at the PlayStation Media Showcase. Resident Evil 2 will release on January 25th, 2019 for PlayStation 4.

“In Resident Evil 2, the classic action, tense exploration, and puzzle solving gameplay that defined the Resident Evil series returns. Players join rookie police officer Leon Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield, who are thrust together by a disastrous outbreak in Raccoon City that transformed its population into deadly zombies. Both Leon and Claire have their own separate playable campaigns, allowing players to see the story from both characters’ perspectives. The fate of these two fan favorite characters is in players hands as they work together to survive and get to the bottom of what is behind the terrifying attack on the city. Will they make it out alive?”

For all the latest E3 news, stay tuned.

Published by Rhys Baldwin.

Devil May Cry 5 Announced

At the Microsoft E3 Media Briefing earlier today, Capcom announced Devil May Cry 5, the latest title in the series will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC sometime in Spring 2019.

Devil May Cry is known and loved for it’s fast paced, technically solid, satisfying gameplay and it’s been said that the same style is here throughout. At the end of the trailer, iconic character Dante revealed himself (not like that).

“Several years have passed in Devil May Cry 5 and the threat of demonic power, long since forgotten, has returned to menace the world once again. The demonic invasion begins with the seeds of a “demon tree” taking root in Red Grave City. The hellish incursion attracts the attention of the young demon hunter, Nero, an ally of Dante who now finds himself without his demonic arm, the source of much of his power. As Nero heads to Red Grave City in his motorhome named “Devil May Cry” with his partner Nico, he ruminates on how everything started. The loss of his demonic arm, the demonic invasion, and Dante’s unknown whereabouts. Things must be settles once and for all.”

Published by Rhys Baldwin.

Mega Man 11 Release Date Announced

Capcom announced today that Mega Man 11 will release on October 2nd, 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. That’s right, the blue helmet warrior is back in 2018 in a new adventure blending classic side-scrolling action gameplay with a fresh new look and new features.


The press release gives a glimpse into the story, “in the events of Mega Man 11, long-time mustachioed series villain Dr. Wily is back to his mischievous ways and has had a true flash of evil genius, deciding to invest in an ambitious idea from his time at Robot University where he studied alongside Dr. Light, Mega Man’s benevolent creator. Dr. Light, who also recalls this inventive idea, decides to upgrade Mega Man with this powerful prototype known as the Double Gear system, installing it into his circuits and expanding his abilities for the greatest fight yet for everlasting peace.”

The Double Gear system in Mega Man 11 adds a unique new twist on the platforming action, offering options to enhance Mega Man’s speed and power on the fly. Speed Gear allows for the slowing of time, useful for navigating the tricky platforming sections or to avoid fast-moving enemies or obstacles.


Power Gear means being able to charge the Mega Buster to a new level, and weapon-based abilities become even more robust. Then, the Double Gear allows Mega Man to gain access to a hidden ability when at critical health to activate both gears simultaneously, unleashing maximum power and allowing for deft maneuvers in the direst situations.

Don’t forget Mega Man is already on the Switch as part of the Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 + 2, with all 10 original series titles now playable on the platform. Furthermore, Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2 is coming this July 24th, 2018 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Published by Rhys Baldwin.

Okami HD On Switch Release Date

Okami HD was announced to be heading to the Nintendo Switch earlier this year with a release window of summer 2018. Well, we now have the confirmed date, Capcom have revealed that Okami HD will release on the Switch, August 9th and is currently available to pre-order via the Nintendo eShop.

In true Nintendo Switch fashion, players can expect to make use of the touchscreen while in handheld mode that allows them to draw with Amateratsu’s tail.

Published by Rhys Baldwin.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Announced & Exclusive To Switch

Capcom has announced the follow up to Monster Hunter Generations with Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. It will mark the series debut on Nintendo Switch when it launches as an exclusive to the platform on August 28th, 2018.

It will release in both digital and physical formats across Europe and North America. For the first time, players will have the flexibility to play both local wireless and online multiplayer with up to three other hunters, whether playing at home on the big screen or on the go in handheld or table top mode.

Face off against the series largest roster of unique monsters in this nostalgic look back at the series beginnings and its evolutions. Completing quests will yield valuable resources for crafting countless distinct weapons and equipment. Along the journey, hunters must defend each of the game’s four villages from major threats known as the Fated Four, plus an even more dangerous new Elder Dragon.

Players of the original Monster Hunter Generations will be happy to know that save data can be transferred from the previous title to continue the hunt on Nintendo Switch.

Published by Rhys Baldwin.