What I Want From E3: Ubisoft

Ubisoft was the dark horse last year in terms of a conference that completely took me by surprise and offered many titles that peaked my interest and held my wallet hostage. They return this year once again to E3 with another press conference that looks to bring the familiar and the not so familiar.

Many titles have already been slated to appear, as such, lets take a look at what is expected and/or confirmed, what I want with a realistic viewpoint and what I wish for, the more unrealistic approach.


What I Expect

The Division 2 was announced not too long ago and it has since been revealed that it will have a presence at E3, after the success of The Division, this was of course going to happen. Can they take what everybody loved and make it better, without losing the good and throwing away all the bad? It will be interesting to see what Ubisoft decide to show, cinematics, gameplay trailer maybe even a live demo.

Beyond Good and Evil 2, this is the one that cemented Ubisoft as having perhaps my personal favourite showing last year. What an absolute gem of a trailer they shown at E3 2017 and I have no doubt that we are going to be in for a bigger look into the captivating, scenic world on offer and perhaps some minor gameplay clips. It’s confirmed to be there so I am already a happy camper.

For Honor is going to be there, which is an odd one for me however, I can only assume its presence is to reveal some form of additional content.

Skull & Bones is perhaps the direct competitor to Sea of Thieves in terms of setting, but from what has been shown it is vastly different in gameplay. I enjoyed Microsoft’s pirate offering but felt it lacked the content needed for longevity, this upcoming Ubisoft title seemingly looks to have that content. I want to see more and could do with a release date that I predict being mid 2019.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is the upcoming action-adventure title that features toys-to-life elements, because they have stood the test of time previously… I joke, sort of. What I feel may allow for Starlink to last longer than some of those that came before it is the fact the toys-to-life features are optional. It looks interesting to say the least, it’s releasing on the Switch, I want it, now.

Transference was a complete curve-ball when it was shown last year, especially when famous actor, Elijah Wood appeared in the reveal and listed as Creative Director of the development studio, SpectreVision. The psychological thriller looks to bridge the gap between movies and game, now I don’t know whether to throw my wallet or run away, perhaps we get a release date and a gameplay trailer so we at least know what this actually is.

Rainbow Six Siege rounds out the list of confirmed titles and I totally believe that like For Honor this is to hype up new content. Operation Para Bellum is approaching and this is probably what the Rainbow Six segment is going to be about.

Splinter Cell, it’s going to happen, come on, the next instalment in the long standing series is due. I also think it’s further along than originally thought and that it will be releasing later this year, BOOM, Bethesda style.

Just Dance, it’s going to happen, may as well just accept it now, there will also be some dance routine ready for it.

Assassin’s Creed, is another one happening this year? I actually hope not, I really enjoyed Origins, but I believe a lot of that is due to the fact they had more development time compared to previous iterations. Take a year off and come back with something awesome once more. Nevertheless, I think it will in fact be there.


What I Want (Realistic)

Prince of Persia, why not, yes in a way it could be compared to Assassin’s Creed but that’s why you rotate, give AC some time away, absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that. The people want it, and I want it, it would be a nice change of pace.

Call of Juarez, and with that everybody screams, BUT RED DEAD 2! I know, but cowboys are cool and more is better, right? It’s an opportunity to for Ubisoft to do good by a lot of their less well received series over the years. Re-invent them and get people remembering them for years to come. Call of Juarez has tons of potential and growing room.

Rayman needs a return to form, to come out and say, yeah I’m still here. Crash has come back, Spyro is on his way, why not bring Rayman back after a five year hiatus. Platformers return with a vengeance.


What I Wish For (Un-Realistic)

Brothers In Arms, I feel like in almost every conference I’m wishing for some World War 1 or 2 set shooter. I just can’t help it, I love that time period, the uniforms, the weaponry, the potential stories. The last console title was on the Wii and before that it was Hell’s Highway in 2008. Let’s bring it back, refreshed, with enough time to cook and get that polish.


  • Brothers In Arms
  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 (Extended Gameplay)
  • Splinter Cell (Late 2018 Release)
  • Call of Juarez
  • Prince of Persia
  • Rayman

What would you want to see from Ubisoft at E3? Let us know!

Written by Rhys Baldwin.