Black Ops 4 PC Release

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be the first to not feature a single player campaign like previous games of the series. By leaving it out there is greater focus on the multiplayer, zombies and the addition of a battle-royale mode.

The series toting the mainstay and staple fluid multiplayer combat, the largest zombies campaign ever with three full “undead adventures” out of the box. The battle-royale mode, Blackout, where many of the previous Black Ops maps come together to help create a map 1500 times larger than any other map.

The big news here is that this will be first game in the series coming exclusively on Blizzards service just like Destiny 2 did release last year. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 releases October 12th.


Overwatch’s New Hero, Brigitte Announced

A new hero has been announced for Overwatch and was available on the PTR on February 28th. Brigitte is a new support hero focusing on armor and defense. She has the ability to throw repair packs to allies that will heal them or grant them armor if they are at maximum health.

Not only that but her Rocket Flail allows her to hit multiple enemies with one swing thanks to the ability granting her melee weapon extended range. The Whip Shot sees Brigitte throw her flail into an enemy dealing damage and knocking them back.

Barrier Shield is a frontal energy barrier that will absorb a limited amount of damage. Once the Barrier Shield has been activated, the hero can then dash forward using Shield Bash to stun her enemies.

When she hits enemies with her flail, nearby allies are healed over time thanks to her Inspire ability. Finally, Rally allows Brigitte to move faster and provide all allies nearby with armor that lasts until it’s removed by damage.

Written by Rhys Baldwin.

New Overwatch Map Announced!

A new trailer has arrived, announcing the next assault map coming to Overwatch, Horizon Lunar Colony.

The new map will take players to the moon. The first capture point will feature high ground options that can benefit both the attacking and defending players. Better for the defending players but heroes such as Widowmaker and Hanzo could make great use of these areas. The latter point will have a ‘unique’ high ground approach for defenders. The second point will also have a number of low-ground and flanking options.

Also in Horizon Lunar Colony there will be low gravity area’s particularly in flanking routes. They have tested low gravity on the entire map but felt it would turn the map into a gimmick and take away from the competitive aspects. Upon release, an arcade card will be added that will enable low gravity on all maps, so players can still experience this. Gravity options will be added to custom games too. [NOTE: Information Paraphrased from Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch Game Director]