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Astral Chain Review

What was a huge surprise towards the end of a Nintendo Direct earlier this year, Astral Chain arrives a mere six months after announcement and comes from the highly talented and experienced team at PlatinumGames. The action-adventure hack and slash gains a new IP to the genre, will this new universe bolster Platinum’s already impressive library that includes the likes […]

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Assault Spy Preview

Indie studio Wazen’s Assault Spy was released into early access on Steam earlier in May, and it’s already showing the signs of being a pretty good beat ’em up. It’s a fast-paced action game with a hint of comedy. Currently, you play as corporate spy Asaru, who fights with a briefcase (if that doesn’t arouse your business side i don’t […]

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New FPS World War 3 Announced

The Farm 51 have announced a brand new modern military FPS named, World War 3. It features strong teamplay, national armed forces, real locations, full body awareness, and a versatile customization system. All of which sings a sweet lullaby to me, and has made a damn fine case for itself in taking my wallet. It is being produced in cooperation […]

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Black Ops 4 PC Release

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be the first to not feature a single player campaign like previous games of the series. By leaving it out there is greater focus on the multiplayer, zombies and the addition of a battle-royale mode. The series toting the mainstay and staple fluid multiplayer combat, the largest zombies campaign ever with three full […]

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Decenders Arrives on Xbox Game Preview

As the header suggests, Descenders is now available on Xbox Game Preview. Fans of No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking finally have a next gen spiritual successor. Descenders features an accurate and complex physics and a reputation score system where every jump and trick earn points but one bad landing however, it is more strict than your average adrenaline sports game, […]

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Spellsworn Review

Imagine the best bits of Dota combined with the kind of sofa competitive highs you used to get from playing Goldeneye or Mario Kart. Spellsworn will please the hardcore top-down viewpoint savant to the downright hilariously rubbish at the game grunt (Me). From Swedish indie studio, Frogsong, Spellsworn clearly grabs it’s inspiration from a few Warcraft 3 mods. Spellsworn has a […]

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Red Dead Redemption 2 New Trailer

Rockstar have released a third official trailer for their highly anticipated title, Red Dead Redemption 2. Players will get their hands on the upcoming sequel when it launches on October 26th, 2018 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Those returning to the series from the first game may recognise that the first game’s protagonist makes an appearance, that’s right John […]

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Spacejacked Review

Spacejacked is the fast-paced arcade style tower-defense game from Rotten Mage. The genre I’m not particularly experienced in but have always been interested in, just never having made that jump. Fortunately, this rectifies that injustice and throws me straight into what tower-defense is all about, build, shoot, survive and in this case, acquire metal. Dave Paprovsky is a space technician […]

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Avengers: Infinity War Review

10 Years of the MCU reaches its biggest and most ambitious film yet. An action packed superhero epic where the stakes are higher than ever, as all the heroes unite to try to stop the almighty Thanos on his quest for the Infinity Stones. ….and it certainly is excellent. Firstly Thanos is awesome and one of the films main highlights. […]

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Ys Origin Review

Ys Origin from Nihon Falcom is an Action-RPG that was originally released in 2006 for PC in Japan, before eventually coming worldwide in 2012 and then to consoles beginning 2017. It has had quite the path of release after release and is now available on the Xbox One. I am a complete stranger to the series but have been on […]

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PUBG’s New Map & Event Details

Last week PUBG Corp trialled their first limited-time game mode in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and now they are running a second. For this weekend only, PC players will be able to take part in the flare gun limited time event, ending on April 1st. Flare gun mode is set in Miramar, the desert map and as implied it introduces the new […]

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The Division Xbox One X Upgrade

The Division to get Xbox One X upgrade in April, should look right sharp. Yesterday, on a livestream hosted by Ubisoft, they discussed upcoming changes to game and revealed that the Xbox One X patch was coming on April 12, this month people! The upgrade will add 4K rendering, better anisotropic filtering, improved reflections, screen-space shadows, and object detail, as […]

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Dark and Light Preview

Developed and produced by Snail Games – Studio Wildcard’s parent company, you know, the guys behind Ark: Survival Evolved whom have had nothing to do with Ark’s development. Yet, Dark and Light is built off the same foundations as Ark, it uses the same engine and many of Ark’s game systems as well as eating, drinking and stamina management, but […]

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Remedy’s “P7” Project Coming In 2019

Remedy, the developer behind Alan Wake, Max Payne and Quantum Break has revealed that their newest project, currently codenamed P7, is coming in 2019. 505 Games and Remedy Entertainment entered into a publishing agreement last year for the project currently with no real name. It will be a third-person action title set in a new universe. It’s being hyped as […]

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Vampyr Release Date Announced

Focus Home Interactive & DONTNOD Entertainment has finally given us, the gamer, a much anticipated release date for the upcoming Action-RPG, Vampyr. DONTNOD Entertainment has released an episodic webseries which takes a look at the creative process behind the development of the game. In Episode IV: Stories from the Dark (which you can check out below), the video ends with […]