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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Review

Fire Emblem is a series that dates back all the way to 1990 on Famicom, with Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, bit of a mouthful for a game title I know. It’s important to recognise where it all started especially when the first in the series has been credited with popularising the tactical RPG genre, something that I’m […]

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Everspace Review

ROCKFISH Games is comprised of a team that for the most part has been together for ten plus years primarily on mobile titles, Everspace is their first venture into the PC and Console territory. The single-player rogue-like space shooter looks to cement the developers place in the market and perhaps provide a great first impression. But is it all space […]

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Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek Review

tinyBuild has done a great job in building its portfolio over the past five years with many titles being well received such as Mr. Shifty, The Final Station and Party Hard 2. There are other games however that haven’t exactly shone bright. Hello Neighbor released last year for the first time yet before that is when it received most of […]

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Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded Review

Touhou Project has not always had the opportunity to show its best face in the west. The bullet hell shoot-’em-up line that established the series’ characters and world is fantastic, but obscure. The titles that get the most attention and exposure are localized doujin games belonging to different genres. This means people are plopped into sub-par titles, like Touhou Kobuto V, or […]

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The Banner Saga Review

The Banner Saga first released in early 2014 for Windows and Mobile, the fantasy tactical RPG that fast became a cult hit amongst gamers. Stoic Studio and Versus Evil have since brought it to consoles and much recently released it on the Nintendo Switch, so more can play and witness what The Banner Saga has to offer. Shall we call […]

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LEGO The Incredibles Review

As LEGO games have proved in the past they are the perfect palette cleanser between those big releases, that offer something different in terms of aesthetics, gameplay mechanics and are packed with fun moments. The Incredibles or even Disney and Pixar may just be one the most ideal names and brands out there to put with this type of game. […]

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Phantom Trigger Review

I try my best to avoid a lot of indie titles. Not because of the overall quality but because there are so bloody many! I want to get my hands on most but really haven’t the time or more importantly …the funds. Enter Phantom Trigger, another TinyBuild published title. Developed by Bread Team which have no affiliation with the carb […]

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Punch Club Review

The first rule of Punch Club, you don’t talk about Punch Club. I had toyed with the idea of this review just being that first sentence and a score, but I guess that wouldn’t be proper or whatever. This sporting management sim is developed by Lazy Bear Games and published by rapidly growing publisher, tinyBuild. Since the Hello Switch digital […]

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Hyper Sentinel Review

Hyper Sentinel is a classic arcade style shooter from Four5Six Pixel and Huey Games.  It brings the arcade to the home, but does it recapture the very essence, feel and nostalgia one associates with going out, spending all their coins and maybe nothing but a high score to show for it? From the main menu you are immediately hit with […]

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Garage Review

Garage from tinyBuild and Zombie Dynamics is a top down twin-stick shooter with a heavy inspiration taken from the VHS era B-movies. It takes this humorous approach and combines that with horror tropes with the intent or what feels like the intent of making something that feels like both horror and slightly comedy but not to the extent of it […]

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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Review

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is the puzzle-platformer from Flashbulb Games that originally released in 2013 on the Xbox One before making its appearance on PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in the years that followed. It’s the sequel to Max & the Magic Marker from 2010 and if the name didn’t give it away, the same protagonist […]

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Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story Review

Going through another person’s phone is something quite frowned upon, you should never go through someone’s personal mobile device without their approval. However, Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story is all about digging through a lost phone in the hopes of learning more about it and why its even lost in the first place. Accidental Queens are back with a second […]

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Clustertruck Review

First things first, the name is the single most accurate way to describe this game. Clustertruck is an indie platformer developed by Landfall Games and published by tinyBuild. The latter of which have been making waves in the indie scene as of late with numerous releases per year for the past two. Landfall is best known for developing Clustertruck which […]

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Payday 2 On Switch Review

Almost five years have passed since Payday 2 first launched on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Since then, it has also joined the current generation of consoles when it released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the form of Payday 2: Crimewave Edition. This edition offered improved graphics, new content as well as all previous DLC, that was […]

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Old Man’s Journey Review

Broken Rules’ adventure game, Old Man’s Journey released last year on PC and mobile and has now come to the Nintendo Switch. At first glance, it becomes apparent that it is more about the story and visual experience, whilst providing a puzzle-like gameplay mechanic. Does the journey have plenty of life in it? The story is entirely visual which can […]