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TerraTech Preview

It’s a mix of survival, crafting, building and combat set in a very distant future – your rocket crash-lands on one of these alien planets, and the adventure begins. You cruise the landscape searching for resource nodes to blast apart and take back to base. You start off with a single block, four wheels, and two weapons, with no end […]

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Assault Spy Preview

Indie studio Wazen’s Assault Spy was released into early access on Steam earlier in May, and it’s already showing the signs of being a pretty good beat ’em up. It’s a fast-paced action game with a hint of comedy. Currently, you play as corporate spy Asaru, who fights with a briefcase (if that doesn’t arouse your business side i don’t […]

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Shoppe Keep 2 Preview

Shoppe Keep 2 is the brand new shop management sim from developer Strange Fire. If the name didn’t already give it away, it is in fact a sequel and aims to be bigger and better than the first one. Featuring both a single-player and multi-player it looks to be a competent retail management game set in the days of old. […]

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Detroit: Become Human Demo Impressions

Today, April 24th 2018, Quantic Dream released a demo for their upcoming release, Detroit: Become Human for PlayStation 4. I eagerly jumped in after years of waiting and to be honest, my expectations have so far been blown away. This has now brought me to wanting to write a piece about it sharing my thoughts and opinions for what I […]

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Darwin Project Preview

Darwin Project is one of the latest battle royale games to arrive on the scene. At first thought, it would seem the genre is becoming over saturated and yet each game I have played has been different, bringing forth their own unique characteristics and features. The same can be said for Darwin Project, it’s a cross of some of the […]

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Deep Rock Galactic Preview

Now who doesn’t like a game involving spacefaring dwarves, well I can tell you that Deep Rock Galactic does not disappoint in that area, you are thrown into the action from the get go. This starting mission sets out the basic controls and introduces you to the single player robot that you can send out to light up the area, […]

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Dark and Light Preview

Developed and produced by Snail Games – Studio Wildcard’s parent company, you know, the guys behind Ark: Survival Evolved whom have had nothing to do with Ark’s development. Yet, Dark and Light is built off the same foundations as Ark, it uses the same engine and many of Ark’s game systems as well as eating, drinking and stamina management, but […]

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Warhammer: Vermintide II Preview

I remember back in the day – to when there were only 4 tele channels – I went round my mates house and found a massive 6ft by 12ft table in the garage. It was setup with micro terrain, roads, bushes, trees, partly destroyed buildings, etc… I was looking at a games table – war-games that is. My introduction to […]

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Hunt: Showdown Preview

A loading screen – my only protection – fades away and leaves me standing a foot deep in the Bayou swamps. Monstrous creatures are in my view, shambling grotesque meat sacks and packs of demonized dogs are the least of my worries… I’m on the hunt for some giant spider daemon beast that has a pursuant for crunchy peanut butter […]

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Party Hard Tycoon – Early Access Preview

Set in the world of Party Hard, in which you play the role of a mass murdering/dance loving nutter, Party Hard Tycoon is a spin-off party management sim akin to Theme Hospital of old. You are tasked with hosting the most banging party possible and climbing the ladder via social success. But beware – the Slasher May turn up at your party. […]

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Conquest Spotlight: Ostriv Preview

Ostriv is a city management and building simulator being developed by a huge team of one person, Yevheniy from Ukraine. He began developing Ostriv in his spare time back in 2014 and looks to take on the role of developing the game full-time thanks to income produced from sales of the game. In Ostriv you become the Governor of an […]

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Escape from Tarkov Closed Beta Preview

Escape from Tarkov is an online first-person action based shooter filled with RPG and MMO mechanics and features. Certainly not the first in its genre but it definitely has the potential to rise up and be a shining example of how enjoyable these games can be. In the closed beta you jump into a map with the hopes of obtaining […]

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Quake Champions Early Access Preview

Quake has been around for 20+ years and has been a staple in the online multiplayer shooter genre for the majority of its tenure. Quake Champions seeks to continue the legacy of the beloved fast-paced first-person shooter series with more gory action. It’s the first main entry title in the series since Quake 4 of 2005. Jumping in for the […]