Nintendo Direct Coming Tomorrow

Nintendo have announced that we will be getting a Nintendo Direct soon, how soon you ask? Well, tomorrow at 11:00pm (UK Time) to be precise.

Nintendo Direct’s have long been hailed as a platform for big hype, big announcements and of course, rumours. Now, I personally don’t give much thought to rumours and try to stay away from them as much as I can as not to spoil what goodies await.

I do however heavily invest in what people would like or love to see, what their crazy dream predictions are etc. If we get anything from Monolith Soft, consider me happy.

What we do know is that the Direct will focus heavily on Nintendo Switch titles coming out this year, including Pokemon Sword & Shield and Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Check back tomorrow to see what announcements were made.

Published by Rhys Baldwin.


Top Games Releasing In: July 2018

July is here, that means another list of the top games coming this month. 2018 has a stacked line-up of scheduled releases, here are the games coming this month:-

Red Faction: Guerilla Re-Mars-tered
(Releasing: Tuesday 3rd – Platform(s): XBO, PS4 & PC)

Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor Martyr
(Releasing: Tuesday 3rd – Platform(s): XBO & PS4)

Shining Resonance Refrain
(Releasing: Tuesday 10th – Platform(s): XBO, PS4, PC & Switch)

Earthfall: Deluxe Edition
(Releasing: Friday 13th – Platform(s): XBO & PS4)

Octopath Traveler
(Releasing:  Friday 13th – Platform(s): Switch)

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
(Releasing: Friday 13th – Platform(s): Switch)

LEGO The Incredibles
(Releasing: Friday 13th – Platform(s): XBO, PS4 & Switch)

Sonic Mania Plus
(Releasing: Tuesday 17th – Platform(s): XBO, PS4, PC & Switch)

Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion
(Releasing: Tuesday 17th – Platform(s): XBO, PS4 & Switch)

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1
(Releasing:  Tuesday 24th – Platform(s): XBO, PS4, PC & Switch)

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2
(Releasing:  Tuesday 24th – Platform(s): XBO, PS4, PC & Switch)

No Man’s Sky
(Releasing:  Tuesday 24th – Platform(s): XBO)

The Banner Saga 3
(Releasing: Tuesday 24th – Platform(s): XBO, PS4, PC & Switch)

Go Vacation
(Releasing: Friday 27th – Platform(s): Switch)

The summer months are usually quiet on the AAA front but can often be home to some gems. I’ve been highly anticipating Octopath Traveler since its announcement. I haven’t played No Man’s Sky since launch and a lot has changed and I am looking forward to jumping in with some friends when it comes to Xbox One. What is everybody else looking forward to?

Written by Rhys Baldwin.

Gaming To Blame?

Yeah? So’s your face!

The success of PUBG has in turn spawned an even larger success in Fortnite. Following a mediocre financial reception to their survival-craft-zombie-horde-defence-cooperative-action-shooter (actual genre. Fact), Epic games saw it fit to add a Battle Royale mode. Since then the game has crushed all expectations and sports one of the largest fan bases ever achieved in gaming, catering to the casual and core markets alike.

But here is where things turn a little sour. All successful games come under criticism at some point and end up with a large target strapped to the back. Mainstream media and day-time shows love to stir up some of that brown stuff that usually hits the proverbial fan.

The difference this time, it’s not the typical rehash of old arguments. It’s not Gran Theft Auto or Call of Duty being scrutinised for its depiction of real-life aggression/violence or crime, no no. This time it’s the addictiveness of gaming in general and Fortnite is “apparently” the culprit. Using the greatly popular title as a scapegoat for antisocial behaviour in our children.

Fortnite‘s battle royale mode launched on a free to play model last year, in fact I would argue that this is responsible for around 80% of its player base. Now when you have a multi-platform internationally successful title thats free to play you can expect a large amount of youngsters enjoying in the fun. And this is exactly the problem …”supposedly”.

So I’m gonna throw an image your way, an image grabbed from the social media account of a prominent morning tv show here in the UK. Which has been a staple of getting ready for the day for decades …and I mean decades.

I apologise, I truly mean no offence …but, just look at it. No doubt the most offensive item you’ll see today. I’ve come across this argument twice before and both times I’ve failed to coalesce or articulate my own counter argument. Not because I couldn’t think of any reasoning but because these arguments got a little heated if I’m being honest. No matter what would say, all I would receive is blind rhetoric or refusal, statements based on a shallow understanding of Fortnite and a dismissive view of video games in general.

So my initial spat would be “they’re children stop them playing” or at least something like it. Only to be verbally slapped with the greatest answer known to man. Oh it’s brilliant, stupendous. Ends all arguments and works in so many situations …ahem, “You don’t have kids” they say.

Well, “So’s your face!.” Right? When someone says something daft to me I cannot help but reply with a brain fart of equal magnitude. Me not having kids has no relevance, the fact that your child has anger issues when not getting his/her own way or withdrawal symptoms when not playing games is the problem here.

Yet once again the media turns it’s attention to video games in attempt to shade them in negativity. Children of the world are not the problem here. Games of any genre or platform are not the problem here. Even the media are not the problem with their half cut news, purely created to incite misdirection away from the real issue. Parents. Parents that fail to understand the art form and the restrictions in place to protect our youth.

Let’s make something 100% clear, it’s not Fortnite’s fault – or any other game for that matter – if a child plays it too much. It is not a child’s fault if their behaviour changes when they aren’t able to play. Just like most things in life we like, gaming can be addictive and moderation or boundaries must be put in place for a healthy balance.

Would you blame food for the reason your child started gaining weight? Of course not, you would educate yourself and then your children and set restrictions to protect their health. Sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks are addictive but we don’t let our children indulge on them all day. So why do we do it to games?

The Xbox 360 was the first console on the scene to introduce parental controls. To many this just seemed like a pointless addition …”it’s just a few games, my kids will be fine.” But the reality that’s slapping us in the face now demands you look at these controls much more seriously.

There is a ratings board out there for games, just like the movie industry and it’s no less serious. Using parental controls built into consoles as standard these days you can stipulate which rating is appropriate for your children – as a whole or individually. You can set which movies and TV shows can be seen, how long your children can use the console on a daily or weekly basis and whether or not they can access Xbox Live at all.

I’m an adult (honest), I love video games, it is my passion and hobby. A career in the industry would be a dream come true. Often I wish I could play games when I can’t, wether it’s just life getting in the way or I’ve decided I cannot play right now, it doesn’t matter. The point is that moderation comes naturally to me because I was taught how.

Don’t paint gaming in a negative light for faults elsewhere. Stop this ill-thought crusade, attacking something many either refuse to take seriously as an art-form or refuse to admit fault. Educate yourself on what your children are playing. Educate yourself on how you can guide your children’s gaming sessions for the better.

There are a few problems in games and just as widespread, such as underage gambling in the form of loot-boxes paid with real world cash, games made by white supremacists and other hate groups. These problems lay with the distribution platforms and publishers in both cases. I don’t know who thought it would be a good idea to let a game about shooting kids at a school release via Steam but it arrived there none the less.

Rather than tackle the real problems, mainstream media and politicians will always look for the answer that suits them.

Nobody wants to admit the fact that bad parenting is at the root of the “Fortnite Addiction,” nobody likes to admit their own failings. As anyone familiar with any addiction rehab program would tell you, there are 12 steps …one of the first of those, is admitting you have a problem.

Written by Michael Jones

What I Want From E3: Nintendo

Nintendo has undergone a transformation that can only be described as inspiring. Perhaps down on their luck a little with the Wii U that didn’t quite gain the global affection that Nintendo have been used to seeing. The success of the Switch has helped bring Nintendo back into the race and the mainstream limelight. In 2017, Nintendo released the Switch along with, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, Fire Emblem Warriors, Arms, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 just to name a few of their offerings. That screams a great year in Nintendo gaming and 2018 needs to continue bringing some heat, maybe not quite on the level, but it can’t let the flame go out.

So much like I have done thus far, here is a glimpse into my mind on what I expect, want and wish for from Nintendo’s E3 presentation this year.


What I Expect

Super Smash Bros. is the big main release on the Switch this year and as such it has already been confirmed to be at E3. So it’s perhaps the safest bet to say we are getting some gameplay along with a few character reveals. I would be surprised if throughout the presentation between the various announcements for games, we get a character reveal each time until the final segment being for Super Smash Bros. It will be a long cinematic and gameplay reveal.

Splatoon 2 has been announced to be at E3 and if it has any presence in the presentation it will be in the form of DLC. Talking about new maps, weapons, outfits and maybe even characters. Also we are probably going to find out the release date for the previously revealed Octo Expansion.

Yoshi, last year it was announced that there would be a new Yoshi title releasing sometime in 2018. Since, there really hasn’t been a peep and I expect that it’s been reserved for this presentation ready for a Fall/Holiday release.

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Let’s Go Eevee, these were just announced and you can bet a lot of the detail about gameplay, premise and what to expect has been saved for E3. There are a ton of questions that need answering and with a November release already set, they need to be answered now.

Octopath Traveler, I know it’s coming next month and as such I don’t really need to see any more, I’m day one on that. But, to maybe put the final stamp on its hype train and get those last minute players in, a quick trailer that showcases each character and the story a little could do some good.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, another title slated for this year but with no actual date it would be in Nintendo’s best interest to get many of these dates set so players know exactly what the road map of releases looks like for the rest of the year.

Mario Tennis Aces is coming later this month and you can bet your behind that there will be a final trailer to entice people in and say, don’t forget, we got this releasing on June 22nd.

Tons of third party games whether exclusive or not will be dated to flesh out the 2018 catalogue so Nintendo can at least say, we got a lot of games.


What I Want (Realistic)

Metroid Prime 4, it was announced last year to be in development and I am heavily interested to see what the gameplay will entail and how it looks. Hell even a cinematic trailer I would be happy with at this point because I know this game will not be released until at least 2020.

Fire Emblem, where is it? It’s already been announced that one is on the way and this would be a fantastic title to round-out the list of first party 2018 releases. It’s realistic to want it at E3 this year but definitely unrealistic to think it will be out this year too, so if we get it, just give us the usual release window and a glimpse into the characters and story.

Shin Megami Tensei 5, a series I absolutely know nothing about other than it’s loved by many. I want to jump into the series but I’m waiting for a new one, during the Switch reveal presentation this was announced and so I have to imagine that we are getting close to release by now. I want more information.


What I Wish For (Unrealistic)

Pokemon 2019, since we are getting Let’s Go this year, I think it would be unrealistic of them to show what’s coming next year. People may wait instead of going for Let’s Go etc, but I want to see it, I want to know what it is, remake of some sort, brand new generation are we getting even more stupid Pokemon added in? If you don’t know, I am a generation I-III advocate, it just seemed to get a bit much after that. In particular with a rubbish bag being a Pokemon, a floating sword etc.

Pokemon Stadium, let’s get another one of these on the go, why not. The original game was fantastic and I can only imagine what a 2018 made version could not only look like, but how it would play and how a story could unfold in it.

Star Fox, let’s bring him back in a meaningful, well-executed way. Even if it’s bringing Star Fox Zero over and just corrected all the stuff so many people had problems with. It has the potential to be a main focus IP if done right.

In the same vein of potential Wii U games coming to Switch, how about Tokyo Mirage Sessions, maybe even Xenoblade Chronicles X, Wonderful 101 etc. It could revitalise all games and open them up to a larger audience when compared to the audience on Wii U.


  • Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon.
  • Fire Emblem.
  • Shin Megami Tensei.
  • Star Fox.
  • Metroid Prime 4.

Nintendo stole 2017 but it certainly seems 2018 may be going the way of Sony. If the Switch gets a bit more powerful first-party or even third-party exclusive content it could have another fantastic outing this year.

Written by Rhys Baldwin.

Top Games Releasing In: June 2018

June is here, that means another list of the top games coming this month. 2018 has a stacked line-up of scheduled releases, here are the games coming this month:-

Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory
(Releasing: Friday 1st – Platform(s): Switch)

(Releasing: Tuesday 5th – Platform(s): XBO, PS4 & PC)

(Releasing: Tuesday 5th – Platform(s): XBO & PS4)

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset
(Releasing: Tuesday 5th – Platform(s): XBO, PS4 & PC)

Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor Martyr
(Releasing:  Tuesday 5th – Platform(s): XBO, PS4 & PC)

Shape of the World
(Releasing: Tuesday 5th – Platform(s): PC)

Shape of the World
(Releasing: Wednesday 6th – Platform(s): Switch)

MotoGP 18
(Releasing: Thursday 7th – Platform(s): XBO, PS4, Switch & PC)

Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido
(Releasing: Friday 8th – Platform(s): Switch)

Happy Birthdays
(Releasing:  Friday 8th – Platform(s): Switch)

Jurassic World Evolution
(Releasing:  Tuesday 12th – Platform(s): XBO, PS4 & PC)

Super Bomberman R
(Releasing:  Thursday 14th – Platform(s): XBO, PS4 & PC)

Mario Tennis Aces
(Releasing: Friday 22nd – Platform(s): Switch)

New Gundam Breaker
(Releasing: Friday 22nd – Platform(s): PS4)

The Lost Child
(Releasing: Friday 22nd – Platform(s): PS4, Switch & PS Vita)

The Crew 2
(Releasing: Friday 29th – Platform(s): XBO, PS4 & PC)

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana
(Releasing: Friday 29th – Platform(s): Switch)

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
(Releasing:  Friday 29th – Platform(s): Switch)

Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy
(Releasing:  Friday 29th – Platform(s): Switch)

Song of Memories
(Releasing:  Friday 29th – Platform(s): PS4 & Switch)

June and July typically don’t see major releases, it’s E3 time and all the announcements are coming out left, right and center to hype up the fall and winter releases. Bethesda are releasing Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset on numerous platforms and Wolfenstein II on the Switch, Ubisoft are releasing The Crew 2, the Nintendo Switch will see Mario Tennis Aces hit the game court. What is everyone looking forward to?

Written by Rhys Baldwin.

What I Want From E3: Ubisoft

Ubisoft was the dark horse last year in terms of a conference that completely took me by surprise and offered many titles that peaked my interest and held my wallet hostage. They return this year once again to E3 with another press conference that looks to bring the familiar and the not so familiar.

Many titles have already been slated to appear, as such, lets take a look at what is expected and/or confirmed, what I want with a realistic viewpoint and what I wish for, the more unrealistic approach.


What I Expect

The Division 2 was announced not too long ago and it has since been revealed that it will have a presence at E3, after the success of The Division, this was of course going to happen. Can they take what everybody loved and make it better, without losing the good and throwing away all the bad? It will be interesting to see what Ubisoft decide to show, cinematics, gameplay trailer maybe even a live demo.

Beyond Good and Evil 2, this is the one that cemented Ubisoft as having perhaps my personal favourite showing last year. What an absolute gem of a trailer they shown at E3 2017 and I have no doubt that we are going to be in for a bigger look into the captivating, scenic world on offer and perhaps some minor gameplay clips. It’s confirmed to be there so I am already a happy camper.

For Honor is going to be there, which is an odd one for me however, I can only assume its presence is to reveal some form of additional content.

Skull & Bones is perhaps the direct competitor to Sea of Thieves in terms of setting, but from what has been shown it is vastly different in gameplay. I enjoyed Microsoft’s pirate offering but felt it lacked the content needed for longevity, this upcoming Ubisoft title seemingly looks to have that content. I want to see more and could do with a release date that I predict being mid 2019.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is the upcoming action-adventure title that features toys-to-life elements, because they have stood the test of time previously… I joke, sort of. What I feel may allow for Starlink to last longer than some of those that came before it is the fact the toys-to-life features are optional. It looks interesting to say the least, it’s releasing on the Switch, I want it, now.

Transference was a complete curve-ball when it was shown last year, especially when famous actor, Elijah Wood appeared in the reveal and listed as Creative Director of the development studio, SpectreVision. The psychological thriller looks to bridge the gap between movies and game, now I don’t know whether to throw my wallet or run away, perhaps we get a release date and a gameplay trailer so we at least know what this actually is.

Rainbow Six Siege rounds out the list of confirmed titles and I totally believe that like For Honor this is to hype up new content. Operation Para Bellum is approaching and this is probably what the Rainbow Six segment is going to be about.

Splinter Cell, it’s going to happen, come on, the next instalment in the long standing series is due. I also think it’s further along than originally thought and that it will be releasing later this year, BOOM, Bethesda style.

Just Dance, it’s going to happen, may as well just accept it now, there will also be some dance routine ready for it.

Assassin’s Creed, is another one happening this year? I actually hope not, I really enjoyed Origins, but I believe a lot of that is due to the fact they had more development time compared to previous iterations. Take a year off and come back with something awesome once more. Nevertheless, I think it will in fact be there.


What I Want (Realistic)

Prince of Persia, why not, yes in a way it could be compared to Assassin’s Creed but that’s why you rotate, give AC some time away, absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that. The people want it, and I want it, it would be a nice change of pace.

Call of Juarez, and with that everybody screams, BUT RED DEAD 2! I know, but cowboys are cool and more is better, right? It’s an opportunity to for Ubisoft to do good by a lot of their less well received series over the years. Re-invent them and get people remembering them for years to come. Call of Juarez has tons of potential and growing room.

Rayman needs a return to form, to come out and say, yeah I’m still here. Crash has come back, Spyro is on his way, why not bring Rayman back after a five year hiatus. Platformers return with a vengeance.


What I Wish For (Un-Realistic)

Brothers In Arms, I feel like in almost every conference I’m wishing for some World War 1 or 2 set shooter. I just can’t help it, I love that time period, the uniforms, the weaponry, the potential stories. The last console title was on the Wii and before that it was Hell’s Highway in 2008. Let’s bring it back, refreshed, with enough time to cook and get that polish.


  • Brothers In Arms
  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 (Extended Gameplay)
  • Splinter Cell (Late 2018 Release)
  • Call of Juarez
  • Prince of Persia
  • Rayman

What would you want to see from Ubisoft at E3? Let us know!

Written by Rhys Baldwin.


What I Want From E3: Square Enix

Square Enix is showing up to E3 with a fancy digital presentation that will take players into the worlds of many upcoming Square games. The last time Square Enix held an E3 press conference of sorts was back in 2015. That conference featured Just Cause 3, Nier: Automata, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III, just to name a few.

Square Enix have some of the most loved IP of all time, which makes this upcoming E3 showing something to get a little excited about. Here is why.


What I Expect

Kingdom Hearts III, I have never played a game in the series and I have no idea why because it seems like everything I could ever want in a game. Charming, established characters, interesting narrative and from what I have seen fantastic visuals. The Toy Story world looks absolutely like a Toy Story film and that just makes me giddy. Kingdom Hearts III is currently scheduled for release this year, in fact it has been announced that next month we will be getting the release date, so get ready.

Octopath Traveler, I also think this will be at the Nintendo Presentation but why would Square take the time to make sure everyone is aware of the upcoming fantasy based RPG heading to the Nintendo Switch. I am already all-in for a day-one purchase on this and don’t need to any more but it couldn’t hurt.

Left Alive, I feel this has been forgotten about by pretty much everyone with no mention in the media or on influencer outlets. The trailer we got at Tokyo Game Show caught my attention with its world that comes complete with mech’s. It has been slated for a 2018 release and well, we have had no more news, so it’s about time we got some, and the release date too, please.

Battalion 1944 is the upcoming multiplayer first-person shooter coming from developer Bulkhead Interactive to be published by Square. It isn’t due to release until 2019 but what better way to get the news to a more mainstream audience that this is on the way, because I feel not many know about it yet.

The Avengers Project, come on! Literally, please! Just, give it to me, straight to the vein! I want to know the name, the genre, the story, how it plays, just EVERYTHING NOW DAMN IT!

Shadow of the Tomb Raider releases in a few months, so yeah, it will be at the Square Enix Presentation, probably an extended gameplay look.

Life Is Strange 2, both the original game and Before The Storm were well received by fans, so it had to be a sure thing that another is on the way, with only when being the question.


What I Want (Realistic)

Final Fantasy VII Remake, I fully believe this is a long ways off but damn it I don’t care, at least give me something. Square Enix have done long, long, long announce to release windows and so this isn’t that un-realistic to think we could get a small trailer to keep this gem in our mind.

Dragon Quest in the west, I have never played a Dragon Quest game but have recently taken a liking to many trailers and videos featuring these games. I know some are heading to Switch in Japan, but i desperately want some Dragon Quest available over in the UK, preferably on Switch. This isn’t outside the realm of possibility, it seems like something very possible, especially considering Dragon Quest features the second most video game sales for the publisher at over 70 million.


What I Wish For (Unrealistic)

Final Fantasy XVI, yup, balls to it, let’s start the 10 year get hyped cycle right now, I don’t even care. I absolutely loved Final Fantasy XV and am now hooked on the FF series. I completed I-III and then XV with a little experience in IV and Type-0 HD, and I think it’s storytelling and RPG combat mechanics done right.

Sleeping Dogs 2, so the original developers of Sleeping Dogs have shut down, hence already potentially shoving this towards un-realistic territory. But, the first game was so damn good in terms of captivating story, addictive gameplay and a genuinely fun open-world. A number 2 could evolve the formula and with the right marketing it could be a bigger contender than the first game.

Gex, come on, lets get a brand new Gex, why the hell not! It has almost been twenty years, this is too long to be away from the coolest Gecko to ever live. He’s real to me damn it! This is slightly possible although improbable, Square Enix announced in 2015 that it will allow developers to create games based on some of their old Eidos IPs via the Square Enix Collective, including the Gex IP.


  • Sleeping Dogs 2
  • Gex
  • Left Alive
  • Final Fantasy XVI (16)
  • Dragon Quest
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake
  • The Avengers Project
  • Kingdom Hearts III Release Date for October/November/December
  • Octopath Traveler

What would you want to see from Square Enix at E3? Let us know!

Published by Rhys Baldwin.