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Far Cry 5 Review

So here we are with another iteration to the Far Cry franchise but this time with a twist from it’s original exotic far away places, Far cry 5 is the same experience you come to expect from the franchise only this time it has a twist, that twist is its set in a local that is far more relatable.

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Attack On Titan 2 Review

The world of AOT is a dark and bleak world, one that is filled with unease and anger. The remnants of humanity hide behind 3 large walls, humans are hunted by large humanoid creatures called ‘Titans’ these creatures only intention is to eat human beings or so the humans thought.

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Deep Rock Galactic Preview

Now who doesn’t like a game involving spacefaring dwarves, well I can tell you that Deep Rock Galactic does not disappoint in that area, you are thrown into the action from the get go. This starting mission sets out the basic controls and introduces you to the single player robot that you can send out to light up the area, […]

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EA Sports UFC 3 Review

UFC 3 offers something for its hard-core fans and plenty for those who just want an enjoyable fighting sim to get stuck into. Fans of previous UFC Titles by EA Canada can rest assured they will find a technical wonder where its only big letdown is its poor ground gameplay.

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Wartile Early Access Preview

Wartile, on early access is best described as Harry Potter chess meets Tabletop Simulator. We quickly run through the basics of movement, combat and how positions of advantage work, which is absolutely vital to success, more than you may at first realise. Movement is very easy to grasp – visually it looks exactly like moving inch high models in some […]

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Horizon Zero Dawn Review

Having played the majority of the Killzone franchise I had a vague idea of how horizon zero dawn would look visually, even though Killzone games are linear by design there is one thing that you cannot deny with guerilla is their passion for a gripping expansive story. The scale and depth of this undertaking with horizon had me wondering if […]