Back in 1998 one of the greatest sequels ever made graced our PlayStation, Resident Evil 2. Considered one of the best in the franchise and in my opinion, it holds that crowning top spot. It brought more action the table, 4 different ways to play-through and my favourite bad guy of the bunch. The tension created by just exploring the environment was palpable.

We follow Leon Kennedy, his first night on the job as a police officer and Claire Redfield, in town to visit her brother Chris who’s been uncharacteristically quiet of late. Leon and Claire have two playable campaigns each and there are also a couple secret ones played out by some secondary characters, like corporate saboteur Ada Wong for example.

The remake has changed a few things, opting to go with an over-the-shoulder perspective, first used in Resident Evil 4 …with a more mature Leon Kennedy (its like he’s brought it back from Eastern Europe with him) and the team stated at E3 that this remake will really shake things up, not everything will be where you expect it to be. So if you’re thinking – this will be easy, I remember where everything is from the original – think again.

It’s been confirmed that this glorious remake will be optimised for Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro running in 4K if you choose, however it won’t be able to play at 60fps this way.

Resident Evil 2 remake will release on January 25th, 2019 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Written by Michael Jones.

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