Destiny 2 Forsaken will release on September 4th, 2018, it is a major expansion to the base game that launched last year. It will bring a whole host of brand new content including a new raid, new destinations, new game modes, weapons and much, much more.

The Dreaming City is one new destination and will be where players can find the pinnacle of challenges, the raid. The raid will feature more bosses than ever before and will force players to conquer numerous puzzles throughout. The city is homeland to the Awoken creatures that have been encountered previously. Raiders can affect the raid and as such the launch raid will not be the same 2 or even 3 weeks in.

Gambit is a PvE / PvP cross-over mode in which two teams of guardians will essentially compete against each other whilst they take on the AI. Players will see the other team to begin with for all your taunting needs but will play in separate arenas, being assaulted by the AI combatants. Kill enemies to collect motes and then bank them, a blocker will look to lock the bank down on the other side, meaning no motes can be put in until the blocker has been destroyed. Once your bank is full, you will summon your primeval and burn it down to win. One person can go over to the other team’s arenas to invade and wreak havoc.

The expansion will begin with a prison break, Cayde-6 has put many enemies behind bars along the way and unfortunately, BOOM, they’re all looking to escape, this puts all worlds at risk. The Tangled Shore serves as a brand new part of the reef never seen before, it is a collection of asteroids connected together with cables.

The scorn feature as the main enemies and are intensely aggressive, always looking to charge and push you. Barons are the top dogs of the scorn, players must take on Baron hunts to take them out, each providing different strategies to take on.

Wield new powers with nine additional supers, look to collect the new exotic weapons, armor and gear and try out the brand new weapon Archetype, Legendary Bow.

All of this and so much more is coming to Destiny 2 later this year. If that wasn’t it the Annual Pass was announced that gives a little insight into what lies ahead. The pass includes three premium content releases, Black Armory releasing in Winter 2018, Joker’s Wild coming Spring 2019 and then finally Penumbra in Summer 2019. There will also be additional bonus seasonal rewards.

Published by Rhys Baldwin.


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