Madmind Studios, the team behind Agony have revealed a brand new mode for their upcoming game, aptly named Agony Mode. It adds additional features to the horror game that will launch on May 29th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

The new mode will add procedurally generated chambers for players to test their survival skills in hell. In these mysterious labyrinths made of human bones or frosted ice chambers, players will face random quests and challenges. Maybe your tasked with collecting ten figurines which are spread around the level, who knows.

Despite the main story mode of the game, players can choose the gender of their character and the game ends with the death of the players, calculating their score. To drive the challenge to a global level, all scored are going to be shown on a worldwide leaderboard.

When players achieve their given quest objectives and make their way to the mysterious “Red Chamber” – implemented in each level, they can add additional points to their score by generating more chambers to test their skills. Oh boy, this looks like a whole lot of pee my pants. One choice available will be to go back to replay the given level as one of the notorious Succubus.

Published by Rhys Baldwin.

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