Decenders Arrives on Xbox Game Preview

As the header suggests, Descenders is now available on Xbox Game Preview. Fans of No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking finally have a next gen spiritual successor.

Descenders features an accurate and complex physics and a reputation score system where every jump and trick earn points but one bad landing however, it is more strict than your average adrenaline sports game, here just one bad landing could loose a long running combo of points.

Racing your way down a slope with as few scratches as possible and scoring high with precision landings, tail whips and scrubs, reaching the bottom with the fastest time. This is what downhill mountain biking is all about.

Where Descenders differs from the norm is that it features procedurally-generated maps. No two runs are ever the same, wether this will be truly procedurally-generated (every slope, rock, tree or jump will be 100% organically placed) or if there are about 20 or so segments of a race stitched together in different order remains to be seen.

No bike upgrades or power-ups here though as progression is done through skill alone. I can see this being a downfall for the title as customisation breaths longevity into your typical sports games but hopefully the fact that no race will feel the same will suffice. Developer, RageSquid claims that it has post-launch plans adding new tweaks, bikes, kits, modes and boimes.

If you love adrenaline pumping games, biking sports or even just physics based perfection, then check out Descenders on Xbox One and through Steam Early Access. Both versions costing around £20.

Published by Michael Jones.

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