What I Want From E3: EA

EA’s E3 Press Conference have a historical trait of being able to predict at least half of the titles on show. The same could be said for this year but I am still going jump into a bit of detail of what I expect to see, what I want to see and perhaps some outlandish wishes.

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What I Expect

FIFA 19 is perhaps the safest bet anybody could go with, the next instalment in the long standing FIFA series is bound to show up with some reasoning as to why it is more than just a roster update. Usually coming with gameplay adjustments that can drastically alter how it plays and/or improve on previous methods.

The same can be said for Madden NFL 19, another series of EA Sports games that look to improve year on year and change the game, sort of speak.

NBA Live 19 has yet to be confirmed but there as been no inkling as to whether or not there will be a ’19 on the way. In recent years NBA Live has competed pretty directly with the NBA 2K series, a battle they have been on the losing side of critically for the majority. I expect NBA Live 19 to be there but I don’t think it should be…..to be continued.

Sea of Solitude is the latest title under Electronic Arts indie game program, EA Originals. We haven’t yet been told the expected platforms or release date. The developers Jo-Mei Games originally announced the game in 2015 and so I would expect it to be further along in its development cycle, leading me to believe it will be at the EA Press Conference. They always make a point of having at least one EA Original on show, I think to show that there are games coming out of the program, with Unravel, Fe and A Way Out to come out of it previously.

Battlefield V is expected to release this year and as such it would only make sense for it to be at E3. It has a reveal to take place later this month and only time will tell on the details of the next instalment in the first person shooter series.

Anthem, this game is now my most anticipated game and for a many reasons. Firstly, Bioware are making it, enough said about that point. Secondly, I absolutely loved Destiny and this reminds me of that but still looks to remain unique and not like a clone. Thirdly, you just know that EA are going to everything in their power to make this a success and throw a lot of money into it, they can’t afford for this to be a flop and I expect to see Anthem be a huge chunk of the press conference.


What I Want (Realistic)

Star Wars, plain and simple I want to see what is next to come out of the Star Wars deal. I don’t think there will be a 2018 Star Wars game and so I am looking towards 2019 thinking we will finally be getting Respawn’s 3rd person action game. Seeing as the Visceral game is now on hiatus and the open world project has not far been revealed by a job listing it would a safe bet that the Respawn title is the next release.

Skate 4, I have been wanting a new skateboarding game for what feels like years, actually it has been years. Skate 3 released in 2010 and with the most recent Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater from Activision releasing to less than stellar reviews in 2015, it feels like the perfect opportunity for EA to snap up the skateboarding niche. If they managed to turn it into Tony Hawk’s Skate, then consider me one happy gamer.


What I Wish For (Unrealistic)

Dragon Age is one of perhaps my top five favourite series of all time, Origins and Inquisition sit high on my favourite game list and 2 was great. It has been four years since Inquisition, that’s easily four years too many. With Bioware seemingly focused on Anthem, I could imaging having to wait at least one more year for another Dragon Age, but a guy can dream.

Medal of Honor, I have a lot of nostalgia feels for this series and in particular, Medal of Honour Allied Assault and its two expansion packs, Spearhead and Breakthrough. It had an interesting story and solid gameplay mechanics combined with a fantastic score, composed by Michael Giacchino. This is completely a going with my heart rather than my head type scenario, as I grew up playing these with my brother and father through LAN and Online whenever we could. I want a return to form for the series as it’s most recent releases haven’t been the best received, critically or commercially. I would be happy with either an Allied Assault War Chest Definitive Edition and Remaster type deal or a new game set in the World War II period.

Titanfall 3, so I had to pick and choose between their Star Wars title and Titanfall 3, and realistically of course Star Wars should come first in both the release schedule and for what I want. But, unrealistically, can’t I have both? Titanfall delivered an innovation on the first-person shooter genre that I found incredibly addictive. However, when Call of Duty followed suit with it’s boots off the ground gameplay it became stale after a while and I longed for a boots on the ground shooter, thankfully Call of Duty has gone back to that, but now I still want a new, fresh jumping and wall-running shooter so i can switch between them whenever I want, I’m really not asking for much, or am I?


  • Respawn’s Star Wars Game.
  • Dragon Age 4
  • Skate 4
  • Titanfall 3
  • Medal of Honor (Back to WWII)
  • More Anthem

EA have the chance to show a strong offering of titles aside from their EA Sports franchises. I fully believe this year could be the start of EA’s turnaround from the ‘bad guy EA’ connotation brought on by recent studio closure and micro-transactions news.

Published by Rhys Baldwin.

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