Going through another person’s phone is something quite frowned upon, you should never go through someone’s personal mobile device without their approval. However, Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story is all about digging through a lost phone in the hopes of learning more about it and why its even lost in the first place. Accidental Queens are back with a second lost phone game, the first being very well received from a critical standpoint but can lightning strike twice or should this new phone have stayed missing?

This time around players dive into the social world of Laura, on the surface level she is a successful young woman with a job, perfect relationship and great friends. Upon further inspection things take a more serious and darker twist which could be highly relatable for many people who take the time to give this a fair shot.

I truly believe in delivering spoiler-free reviews which is going to be incredibly difficult for me to do with this, that’s because of how powerful I think the message is and yet I’m limited in what I can say about why it is so impactful. So, here goes, you are presented with a deep meaningful narrative and theme to think about and explore during your 1-2 hour playthrough.

You get the option to play in portrait or landscape mode with portrait making the experience more authentic in terms of just making it feel like you are holding a phone, albeit a slightly larger than normal one. Because of portrait mode, I found myself utterly lost inside this immersive narrative and played from beginning to end with no pauses, and without realisation of how much time had passed.


Not only do you read and investigate but there are a few puzzles you encounter along the way that will test your mind and how good you would be as a detective. Find the relevant information and use it to beat each wall in your path, a smart way to provide a challenge in an otherwise simple gameplay experience. Make use of all the features available in order to get the most from a lore point of view of this game. Dig through her text messages, notes, calendar and other apps to uncover the bigger picture.

Visually, it just absolutely feels like you are on a mobile phone, not one I’ve used before with its different menus and user interface but it’s authentic all the same. They capture the detail perfectly, right down to the clock, date and various icons you can run through, at no point was the immersion broken at all. Smart design that is executed superbly.

A nice and welcomed inclusion is the music player featuring eight tracks available for you to play at your leisure. It makes the whole thing just come together and feel more personalised to the character, Laura and provides an atmosphere when playing, as opposed to just button clicking.

Another Lost Phone is a perfect example of a short, concise, well designed adventure. It requires a relatively minuscule amount of time to invest compared to the return you get from it, and the profound nature of the story helps produce something quite memorable. When accompanied with gameplay that feels genuine and takes you out of a video game frame of mind you just know that what you’ve just played is something special that provides a great message. I would have preferred a little more in terms of length because of the fascinating narrative but still felt satisfied all the same.


Reviewed by Rhys Baldwin.

(Disclaimer: CONQUEST received a review copy of Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story, however this does not in any way affect the scoring of a game or our thoughts on the game itself. We believe in total honesty and being transparent with you.)


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