10 Years of the MCU reaches its biggest and most ambitious film yet. An action packed superhero epic where the stakes are higher than ever, as all the heroes unite to try to stop the almighty Thanos on his quest for the Infinity Stones.

….and it certainly is excellent.

Firstly Thanos is awesome and one of the films main highlights. He is a very compelling villain who commands nearly every scene he is in. He also has a little more depth than your typical supervillain and from the get go feels like a legit threat, more so than any other MCU villain ever has.

Secondly the film has one of the best climaxes Marvel has ever produced, it is filled to the brim with exciting action and features many cool team-ups and spectacular moments, as well as a bold and brilliant ending that is sure to shock many people.


There are action sequences spread throughout the film, all of which are really well executed, though there are a few times including in the climax, where things get a bit visually overwhelming and messy. There also a few CGI bits that don’t quite work so well, but these are few and far between and the visual effects are still outstanding overall.

Of course the film is not just all about the action and effects, the story is also very solid. It does contain a lot of the same tropes as previous Avengers’ films but it has a bleaker tone, a fair bit of emotional weight and some good surprises up its sleeve, that makes it stand out a little.

It’s not all doom and gloom though as the film still retains a lot of that great signature Marvel humour throughout and has some fun character interactions. It was especially cool seeing the Guardians of the Galaxy finally interact with other heroes for the first time and I feel a lot of the characters had good chemistry together.


Kudos has to be given to the directors the Russo brothers for doing a commendable job of handling all these characters in one film. The whole thing could have easily turned into a giant mess, but they managed to make it all stick and have some consistency, even if the film is a bit uneven and jumbled in places. Arguments could also be made about certain characters being underused.

They also manage to get some good performances out of all their big cast. There were a few weak snippets but it was mostly consistent with some standout parts including Josh Brolin’s whole performance as Thanos, Dave Bautista as Drax providing a couple of the funniest bits and Tom Holland as Spiderman who had a moment in particular that really stuck with me.


The only other little issue I had was that the film did feel a little too long. Running at a hefty 149 minutes they really did go all out and pack a lot into this movie, which some may find a little excessive. I myself went to a midnight showing of the film and while the big climax had me hooked throughout, I did feel a little fatigued at certain points beforehand. So I think there was potential for it to be trimmed in some places at least.

These all just minor gripes though in what is still a super entertaining blockbuster extravaganza that for me is the best of the Avengers’ series so far and a marvellous achievement that stands high among the first decade of MCU films. I have no idea how the 4th film next year will pan out, but I’m certainly looking forward to it.


Review Written by Eric Hart (blazinhart).


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