Conan Exiles New Trailer

Funcom has released a new trailer for the upcoming full release of Conan Exiles. The trailer, ‘Your Jouney Through Conan’s World’ is a narrated look into the epic adventure players can embark upon through the new and seamless world of Conan Exiles when the game launches on May 8th for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

14 months have passed since the game entered Early Access, the full release will come complete with new content, features and its first release on the PlayStation 4 platform. It has more than doubled in size since the start of Early Access with a map spanning from the burning deserts to the frozen highlands and will now include never-before-seen locations such as the swamp. There, players will find the perverted Lemurians who perform orgiastic rituals to worshop Derketo, the twin-natured goddess who walks the line between lust and death.

You can check out the full overview of what is coming to Conan Exiles at launch, here.

Published by Rhys Baldwin.

One thought on “Conan Exiles New Trailer”

  1. enjoyed playing for the past couple of days the community is great, had the chance to play with some great people on discord. Cant wait for the full release. P.S: Thumbs up to Rhys.


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