PUBG’s New Map & Event Details

Last week PUBG Corp trialled their first limited-time game mode in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and now they are running a second. For this weekend only, PC players will be able to take part in the flare gun limited time event, ending on April 1st.

Flare gun mode is set in Miramar, the desert map and as implied it introduces the new flare gun to the loot to scavenge however, only a “limited number” of these will appear on the map and they’ll only spawn inside certain single-story houses across the map.

Get your hands on one of these elusive gems and you can use it to call in an airdrop. Fire the flare gun vertically into the sky and a plane will fly in and deliver a cargo drop to your location, which will contain two weapons, a piece of Level 3 armour, and an assortment of normal care package supplies but don’t try it if there is already a plane in the sky, disappointment will ensue.

Even better news is the game’s hotly anticipated smaller 4x4km map, Codename: Savage, will enter testing next week. Promising a faster match turn over and far more action to stuck into.

Last weeks update also introduced a weapon skin system to the game to celebrate the first anniversary of PUBG’s Early Access release and offering a free weapon skin to all players on PC for a limited time.

Published by Michael Jones.

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