It’s been 16 years but finally it’s back to drift around that 100 yards, medium left at 70mph. Back in the day, V-Rally was one of the best racing games available. Now, it’s making a comeback.

Originally released back in 1997 on the PlayStation 1, V-Rally brought the realism to the rally race genre. It sported 3 game modes, a selection of vehicles and real life tracks, two sequel’s later (which were pretty much unsuccessful) and it faded into the background, but the series is ready and due for a return to the scene.

Under development by Kylotonn Racing Games, a French studio specializing in racing simulations such as WRC 7and TT Isle of Man and due this September to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

It will tote “more than 50 models of emblematic rallying and extreme motorsports vehicles,” the Porsche 911 Safari, a Ford Mustang and a Ford Fiesta RS RX were all spotted in action during the trailer

▪ Rally: from Kenya to Sequoia Park, dominate the most difficult routes in conditions that are often extreme, at the wheel of modern and historic vehicles.

▪ V-Rally Cross: intense 8-way races on dirt/tarmac tracks.

▪ Extreme-Khana: drift, precision and speed, with traps scattered over the roads, putting your driving and showmanship skills to the test!

▪ Buggy: become an expert at driving through hilly terrain, adopt the special reflexes and learn the particular physics needed to win these fierce races.

▪ Hillclimb: reach the peaks at the wheel of these powerful, twitchy monsters.

With over 50 cars for you to test drive, collect, upgrade and customise and claims to have “innovative online mode to transform your experience and progress” it sounds like Kylotonn are taking things seriously.

Excited days ahead.


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