Publisher THQ Nordic has purchased Koch Media, which owns popular franchises such as Metro, Dead Island and Saints Row. Koch Media of course runs Deep Silver, the publisher for Metro and Dead Island, Dambuster Studios who developed Homefront: The Revolution and the Saints Row developer, Volition. The €121 million deal will see all these now fly the THQ Nordic banner.

In 2012, THQ filed for bankruptcy and as a result, dissolved the following year. Koch Media went on to buy Volition and the publishing rights to the Metro franchise. Nordic Games re-branded to THQ Nordic in 2016 and also bought a number of THQ IPs. Many THQ IPs will be reunited because of this acquisition.

Koch Media CEO, Dr. Klemens Kundratitz, said, “I strongly believe that THQ Nordic is a great strategic fit with Koch Media. In addition to having long experience within games development and publishing, THQ Nordic has the skills, willingness and capital to deliver growth in the future.”

It is said that there are no plans to restructure suggesting that layoffs would be unlikely. For more gaming industry news, keep your eyes open and fixed to the Conquest website, but maybe take a break once in a while too.

Written by Rhys Baldwin.


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