Focus Home Interactive and Vostok Games (the developer who created the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. franchise) have just announced a new post-apocalyptic Battle Royale game called, Fear The Wolves.

It has been in development for several months now and has a current release planned for sometime this year. The game will offer a new and original take on the Battle Royale genre which has seen such a resurgence since last year.

Players will be dropped into a radiation-ravaged Chernobyl, and will be able to go in a lone wolf or as part of a squad (which I really hope is called a pack). The classic Battle Royale mode will pit 100 players against each other with the goal to find out who the last man or team standing will be. There will also be an intense and original game mode that is said to bring a fierce new twist to the genre.

Other players are not the only thing to be cautious of. Everyone will be threatened by deadly anomalies and the dynamically-changing weather. A day-night cycle is present which forces survivors to adapt, or perish. Protective gear can be obtained and will allow players to explore dangerous off-limit zones. If that isn’t daunting enough then you will also be subject to the howls of mutated creatures that echo through the wasteland.

Fear The Wolves comes to PC and Consoles sometime this year and is set to launch in Early Access on PC.

Published by Rhys Baldwin.

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