Super Lucky’s Tale is a sequel to the VR game Lucky’s Tale which launched in 2016 for Oculus Rift. Playful have taken what they learnt and have brought the franchise to consoles. 3D platformer titles had become scarce over the past few years with only a few shining bright. This year has already seen some fantastic examples of what a good platforming game is, can Lucky be added to that list?

This is the tale of a young fox trying to save the world, as most stories go. Lucky gets trapped inside a magical book after trying to save his sister, the book teleports him into various worlds. It’s now his mission to overcome the odds, beat the dreaded Kitty Litter and prevent any more damage to the world outside of the book. It’s simple and somewhat traditional, bringing the charm that hearkens back to the platformers of the PS1 era.

One glaring issue I noticed straight away is the camera, it doesn’t move freely, that shouldn’t be a thing in a 3D platformer. Instead, flicking the right stick left or right will move the positioning of the camera a specific amount of degrees and is limited to a slightly left, middle and slightly right perspective.

Super Lucky's Tale - Lucky Bridge

Gameplay is just not up there with the latest generation of titles from the genre, it plays a little clunky, which when combined with the camera, leads to mishaps. Numerous times I would jump onto a moving platform and slide right off it just because. That being said, I enjoyed running and jumping around as Lucky, diving into fox-holes and tail whipping enemies is fun.

Missions are varied in how they can be played with some being 3D levels and others as 2D. Serving up something new throughout I feel breaks up the pace slightly but in a good way. Instead of one straight line your branching off and trying other things, which keeps everything feeling fresh.

In each world and even level there are items and collectibles to get. Clover’s are the main ones you want to be focusing us as these are required for progression. They can be collected a number of ways, racking up 300 coins in a level, grabbing all the letters to spell out ‘Lucky’, completing the level and finding them in bonus stage areas. It’s heavily advised you get these on the first run through or you can expect to replay a number of missions to gain access to the final boss.

Super Lucky's Tale - Coin Jump

The best aspect of the game would be its visuals, not so much detail but the textures and colours make for a good-looking game. It’s a typical animated style that brings the worlds and characters to life. The small touches like grass swaying in the wind or Lucky swishing his tail back and forth whilst critters smile in the background are very much appreciated.

Everything about the sound design screams whimsical, childlike and fun. Be it the light melody playing in the background or the ‘heeyah’ Lucky shouts when jumping or spinning around, it just relaxes you.

Unfortunately for Super Lucky’s Tale it just doesn’t innovate or do anything to really shine in the genre. It’s decent overall, but its weaknesses just drag it down too much. If you can forgive the camera issue and gameplay hiccups this could be a title for you, it looks good and feels like a throwback to a bygone era of gaming.


Reviewed by Rhys Baldwin.

(Disclaimer: CONQUEST received a review copy of Super Lucky’s Tale, however this does not in any way affect the scoring of a game or our thoughts on the game itself. We believe in total honesty and being transparent with you.)

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