South Park: The Fractured But Whole is an upcoming role-playing game that is the sequel to South Park: The Stick of Truth. The game is being developed by Ubisoft San Francisco and published by Ubisoft. The San Francisco branch was the lead developer behind Rocksmith and then developed the sequel Rocksmith 2014. They also joined forces with Matt Stone and Trey Parker to bring South Park back to the video game world.

The Stick of Truth was set in a fantasy world of wizards and warriors, The Fractured But Whole however will pit our favourite foul-mouthed best-friends against each other in a Superhero setting. Set after the events of the first game, the kids decide its time to change it up a bit and start a new game, this time they all take on their superhero personas including fan favourites, The Coon and Mysterion.


Once again there is a divide, Coon and Friends will face off against Freedom Pals. A civil war is born out of the Freedom Pals desire to start their own film and TV franchise, instead of going along with Cartman’s plan. You become The New Kid much like in the previous title which almost makes it seem like your character carries over, if you decide to style them the same that is.

There will be twelve classes to choose from: Assassin, Blaster, Brutalist, Commander, Cyborg, Elementalist, Gadgeteer, Karate Kid, Mystic, Netherborn, Psychic and Speedster. Race customization is featured in one of the most comedic ways imaginable, it presents itself as a difficulty level slider. This determines how much money the player receives and how the player’s character interacts with others. Gender is an option that affects how the NPC’s react to the player.

The combat system includes new additions that refines the system from Stick of Truth. You are no longer restricted to one position, instead you can move across the squares laid out on the field of battle that allows for a more tactical style of gameplay. On the field, there can be obstacles set out that can then be used for cover.


Opponents can be knocked into obstacles and even other characters, the latter of which will allow for an extra attack.  Various abilities can be used to traverse the field or even allow you to attack from behind obstacles. Farts return and now allow you to rip apart the flow of time and re-order it. Which allows you to re-arrange the order in which character’s take their turn.

We are excited to get our hands on this title when it releases Tuesday, October 17th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. From what has been shown so far, its more of what we loved from the first game but expanded upon and made even better.

Written by Rhys Baldwin.

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