So, Epic games accidentally rolled out a feature yesterday and it was working fine. People were forting it up like ravenous peanuts with a salt addiction in a Saxo factory.┬áThen, they [Epic] had to snub the update and remove the feature….yes….they removed the PS4 and Xbox One cross-play!

You read that right, after years of Sony standing their ground and declining invitation after invitation from Microsoft for some cross-platform gaming, the feature mistakenly gets enabled and disabled just as quick.

Of all the games to kick off this long requested functionality, it was Fortnight. Now, I’m not knocking the game but here at Conquest, we were thinking Rocket League or Call of Duty or Overwatch…..Destiny 2… would be the first game to grace us with such a euphoric ability.

Anyway, it’s been removed now but nonetheless it displayed that Sony may be moving their fences finally on the long awaited feature and we may be – at last – moving to the cross platform harmony of our dreams.

What I find irritant though is that Sony have always stood with the statement that “it could not be done” when it’s clear that what they really meant was “it would not be done“.

Sony doing what they think is best I suppose. What do you think? How far off are we from console harmony and – no doubt – enflaming the console feud further in competitive games.

Written by Michael Jones (Gryffudd).

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