Here are some of the top games coming in July 2017 that we believe you should keep an eye out for in the coming weeks.

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age
(Releasing: July 11th – Platform(s): PS4)

Final Fantasy XII was originally released on the PlayStation 2 back in 2006. The version coming to PlayStation 4 will be fully remastered in high definition and feature all-new and enhanced gameplay features. The battle design has been reconstructed along with the revamped job system that was in the Japanese only version of the game. XII has been regarded as one of the best in the series and is widely a fan favourite. The Zodiac Age also includes a newly recorded and arranged soundtrack with numerous new track, trophy support and improved technical performance.

(Releasing: July 25th (Early Access) – Platform(s): XBO, PS4, PC & Mac)

Epic Games and People Can Fly co-developed this upcoming co-op sandbox survival game. Explore your surroundings and scavenge for items which you will use to not only craft weapons, but to erect fortified structures and buildings that will act as your defense against the waves of monsters that want to put you in the ground. Work together with other players to fight off the hordes, you build in the day and defend at night, continuing this cycle for 14 days to win.

Splatoon 2
(Releasing: July 21st – Platform(s): Nintendo Switch)

The sequel to the 2015 Wii U title, Splatoon heads to the Switch. The team-based third-person shooter that contains squids, ink and fun times is back and looks to feature a more prominent single-player story mode this time around. Go against the evil Octarians in a quest to locate Callie at the request of Marie, both of whom being the Squid Sisters. Not only that but perhaps even more dire you must retrieve the Great Zapfish that has been stolen once again. Aside from that you can of course dive into the multiplayer game modes that’s been expanded on this time around with more weapons and modes, the multiplayer can be played online or locally through wireless or split-screen. Salmon Run is a brand new co-operative mode in which up to four players come together to go against waves of enemies. It’s more of what you love with new exciting modes and more ways to have fun.

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