Rhys Baldwin’s Picks

d2_pvp_action_08Destiny 2

For me, my most anticipated game of this year is Destiny 2, I spent countless hours in the first game. Be it the story, competitive multiplayer or co-operative strikes and raids, I have some of my fondest gaming experiences inside this world. Venturing into King’s Fall with five friends, learning the puzzles and figuring out together how to overcome the bosses. The second game looks to take the original formula and expand on it, more in-depth story with a greater amount of cutscenes and cinematics to deliver this awe-inspiring world to you.

No longer having to dig through various websites and grimoire’s online to get the full experience and knowledge of what world you are in and who are you fighting against. PvP will be a much tighter adventure, 4 Vs. 4 allows for a more competitive style of match, you can monitor enemies super-level’s and co-ordinate strategies accordingly. I simply cannot wait to get stuck in and lose myself in Destiny once more.

PLHA_Screen_PS4_BeckyArrest_E32017_1497329099.pngHidden Agenda

Supermassive Games delivered to me one of my favourite games of 2015 in Until Dawn, this time around you can bet I’m eager to see what awaits us all. Much like Until Dawn the game heavily focuses on player choice, featuring quick-time events that affect the survival of characters and the story overall, the name for it was The Butterfly Effect for a reason.

Hidden Agenda will make use of PlayLink, allowing others to join the game to vote on decisions to be made using their smartphone. Players can then receive ‘Hidden Agenda’s’ or secret objectives that are designed and intended to create a rift between players as they try to prevent it from happening. I’m huge on player freedom and choices and I look forward to see what options I have and how my story unfolds.

Wolfenstein_Gunning_Supersoldier_972x411.pngWolfenstein II – The New Colossus

I feel with Wolfenstein II there isn’t a whole lot I need to say, it’s the first game dialled up a notch. There’s Nazis, people on acid, pregnant killers and Panzerhunds, this game is very much a shut up and take my money type of game. B. J. Blazkowicz returns and looks to create a revolution against the Nazi Regime that has inhabited America.

The main hook I feel is that Blazkowicz has something to truly fight for, not only the country but his wife too and children that are on the way.  Starting off as a battered and broken man on his way to revenge, not to mention all the shooting and complete craziness that will take place throughout. Its gritty, funny and completely insane, the trailer showed all that and more, my body is ready for this.

Michael Jones’ Picks

State-Of-Decay-2-1080P-Wallpaper-1State Of Decay 2

I’ve played countless zombie games, action ones to RPG ones, survival to MMO, ninja zombies to….zombie chefs…. the point I’m getting at is that no game came as close to recreating the feel and nature of “The Walking Dead” for me. State Of Decay was that pivotal game that opened up a specific door in the house of zombie. Inside was that glimmer of greatness…some cheesy puffs and a med-kit.

With the sequel almost in my fingertips, upping the ante on every feature of the first and adding the only thing that was missing. Co-op! Loosing a survivor was truly heartbreaking in the last game…after spending hours gearing them up and honing their talents to having it all ripped away in front of your eyes. The feels man. The feels!


Bioware, proper Bioware. I mean the proper, proper Bioware. The Bioware team that was responsible for the original Baldurs Gate, original Knights of the Old Republic, first Mass Effect, first Dragon Age….not the guys who have been releasing the regurgitation of such. The real deal….and this is what they have been working on. Anthem. I saw the most visually astounding spectacle, mechanics and gameplay footage in my life.

The co-op action-RPG displays exceptional production quality and a breath of fresh air. The environments, lighting, weather effects and atmospheric ambience on show filled me with awe and desire. We have been waiting for that console defining gem, the one game that stands out above the rest, the game that defines a console generation and in Anthem, I think we final have it.

Metro_Exodus_1080_Announce_Screenshot_6_NOWATERMARKMetro Exodus

The first Metro was a surprise for me. Out of the blue came a unique first person shooter set in the Moscow subway system after the devastating effects of nuclear attack. It had a rough visceral feel and an immersion into the first person most games fail to achieve.

The sequel Metro: Last Light is one of the few that actually surpasses its predecessor and again delivers the goods improving further the sense of self within the gas mask. Exodus follows on from where Last Light left off, displaying some over the top set pieces and adrenaline pumping suspense. Action horror at its best and a narrative delivered with professional execution.

Adam Walters’ Picks

Middle-earth-Shadow-of-War-1080P-Wallpaper-3Shadow Of War

Having wanted a sequel to Shadow of Mordor I can not wait to take control of Talion and create my army to destroy the darkness.  The first game was a Lord of the Rings game that I’ve wanted for a long time, using the bow always felt like it had weight and even the kills felt satisfying, when they introduced the nemesis system it was a great game mechanic.

The feel that every action has an equal and opposite reaction made me change the way I approached missions and bosses and with the upgraded nemesis system and even Uruk clans I feel this game can only improve on the first. Being able to build an army and decide how I want to attack a fort and even whether I want to take out some of its defenders first really gives me the option to play the game my way. I feel that moving the tale of Talion and Celebrimbor forward is going to be a great story line that adds more to the world of Middle Earth.


Overlook_1080_1465877562Days Gone

Ever since they announced this game at last year’s E3 it’s been on my most wanted list and finally seeing some new gameplay has only increased my love for this game. There is still a long way to go until this game is finished but I feel the direction they are going will see this game succeed, the zombies “freakers” look amazing and even the game mechanics allow you to use them as a weapon and alter how you navigate problems.

This is a zombie game I’ve wanted for a long time, the sense of a destroyed world that’s roamed by constant threats be it human or zombie alike. This really gives the game a walking dead feel and even adds zombie bears to the mix, I cannot wait to see what else they have planned for this game.

maxresdefaultShadow Of The Colossus

More of a surprise for me this E3 was that an old ps2 classic has been remade, this is a game that’s very obscure but was brought to light in an Adam Sandler movie, Reign on me. Never has a movie influenced me to want to play a game but there was something about the darkness and foreboding of taking down a monstrous entity, the atmosphere of the game was amazing and it brought back memories of watching old films such as Jason and the Argonauts.

The remake is looking amazing and I just hope it has the feeling of accomplishment that the original had when you finally took down that monstrous creature, this for me was a game I’ve wanted to be remade for a long time and I can only hope they do it justice.

Honorable Mentions:-

Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Beyond Good and Evil 2
Detroit: Become Human
A Way Out
God Of War
Sea Of Thieves
Star Wars Battlefront 2
Far Cry 5
Super Mario Odyssey

Basically there is a lot of games we are hyped about and that’s not even all of them, it’s a great time to be a gamer regardless of platform.

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