EA just had their E3 Press Conference and they went hard and heavy with the gameplay and feature reveals for many of their upcoming games.

Madden NFL 18 features a new campaign mode entitled ‘Longshot’ that looks to take the formula from ‘The Journey’ in FIFA 17 and transfer it over to another immersive experience in the latest instalment of Madden. The game will be released August 25th.

We were treated to some footage of In The Name Of Tsar an upcoming expansion for Battlefield 1 focusing on the Russian Army.  This DLC contains six new maps, a new mode, 11 new weapons plus extra vehicles. You will be able to play as a female character for the first time in the games series.

It was also announced that two more maps are on the way this summer for those with the Premium Pass and both featuring night time settings. Nivelle Nights and Prise de Tahure releasing June and July respectively.

Alex Hunter returns in FIFA 18 with a follow-up story called ‘Hunter Returns’. The game is said to be ‘Fuelled by Ronaldo’s Data’ which was then explained to be the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo assisted with the motion capture of various moves and sequences within the game.

Need For Speed Payback takes to the stage with a first look at The Highway Heist, one of the missions you will undertake in the game. This job is what it’s called, a heist on the highway where your crew needs to collect a valuable vehicle from a heavy goods vehicle. Fast-paced and hard-hitting, destroy enemy cars and execute the mission.Fast and Furious style.

From the creators of Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons, A Way Out from Hazelight Studios is a split-screen co-op experience that can be played online or on the couch with a friend. Control Vincent and Leo two prison inmates that seek to escape and secure freedom. Coming Early 2018

Anthem is revealed and is brought to us by Bioware, the studio behind some of the greatest critically acclaimed games and franchises, Knights Of The Old Republic, Dragon Age and Mass Effect. A gameplay reveal trailer will be featured in tomorrow’s Xbox Media Briefing.

NBA Live 18 will also feature a new campaign / story based mode called ‘The One’. You will choose between playing in The Streets or The League. The former has you played on real street courts with the latter taking you into the NBA. A free demo will be launched in August allowing players to try out ‘The One’ for themselves with all progress carrying over to the main game.

For E3 week, EA Access and Origin Access will be free for players to try out for themselves as well as many games on PS4 getting free trial periods, such games include FIFA, Madden, Star Wars Battlefront, Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 and more.

The finale of the press conference was all about Star Wars Battlefront II and gave us a look at what we can expect from the multiplayer side in this highly anticipated game. A full multiplayer game was shown featuring the Separatist army taking on the Clone Troopers in the city of Theed located on Naboo. An assault map with three stages that sees the droids from the Separatist’s looking to overthrow the city and defeat the clones who in turn look to hold back the onslaught.

Battlefront II will do away with the season pass and instead is expected to receive free content with Finn and Captain Phasma coming holiday 2017. ‘Seasons’ will be the themed content that will be added to the game after it’s launch. Along with the before-mentioned characters, The Last Jedi content pack will also contain the new planet of Crait and D’Qar.

For More E3 Coverage you can catch all the big news here at CONQUEST.

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