The Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal stream has just ended and we are left with a ton of information to absorb. Bungie put the message across of this new instalment being a new beginning and a convergence of veteran players along with new players.  You can check out the official gameplay trailer below.

The game will bring new supers to each class, the Warlock gets Dawnblade, the ability that produces a solar sword and allows you to throw energy based blade strikes at enemies. Titans will benefit from Sentinel, a void-based shield is conjured which can be used to bash into the onslaught of enemies or you can throw it Captain America style. Finally, the Hunter can become an Arcstrider, wield a staff of immense speed, swinging around with accuracy like a ninja.

Titan is not only a class but also a new world to explore, as a moon of Saturn, after the loss of the tower, Zavala retreats here to heal his wounds. Cayde-6 has gone to Nessus a world occupied by the Vex who have transformed the planet into a machine world. Meanwhile, Ikora Rey has retreated to Io, the last place in the solar system touched by the traveller before the tower’s destruction. A sacred place to all guardians but in particular warlocks and especially, Ikora. The EDZ or European Dead Zone appears to be the new social space, a refugee camp established in the wake of the Cabal attack.


Clans will be featured inside Destiny 2 itself, that allows players to come together and play. It will be easier to grow and manage with in-game rosters, tools to build fireteams and custom banners for you to proudly boast. There will be a shared reward system in which all players will contribute to, whether you can only play an hour or several, what you do will go towards gaining rewards for the entire clan.

Guided Games is a new matchmaking like feature brought in to combat the restriction issues with the previous game. Before, Raids, Nightfall Strikes and Trials of Osiris was restricted to fireteams, which had proven to leave 50% of players without the opportunity to play such modes. This new system will also solo players to choose a clan they wish to be paired with for these modes. Before accepting or rejecting a clan pairing, you will be able to see the banner, name and a brief description of what that group is about.

The Crucible has been re-structured with all gamemodes now being 4v4 including an all new mode called Countdown which has been described as an attack and defend type affair. Pictured below is Countdown.


Bungie made it clear that there is more to do in Destiny 2 than any other game made at the studio. New Campaign, the Red War featuring Cabal Warlord Dominus Gaul, new missions and the most cinematic’s ever put into a Destiny game. The first strike was announced, The Inverted Spire, playable for those in attendance at the reveal. Of course, a brand new raid will be featured, but no details shared as of yet.

Whilst out exploring the world, patrol’s, encounter’s, chests and heroic objectives won’t be the only things to do. Adventures, Lost Sectors and treasure maps join the activity list which all can be on the new map that makes it easier to find and play what you want. Lost Sectors are dungeons that contain a cache of treasure protected by a boss that holds the key. All activities will be deploy-able from the map on any world, you no longer have to retreat to orbit.


Destiny 2 will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC when it launches September 8th, however for those who cannot wait there will be a beta later this summer. On PC Destiny 2 will be available exclusively through Battle.Net. For everything Destiny related, stay tuned!


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