Bomberman is another game series I have never played until this instalment, I had always heard good things but never had the interest. Now, I am kicking myself for not trying it in the past. Run around and blow everything up, that’s like the key element to some of my favourite games like Grand Theft Auto.

The experience features a true feel good story of eight Bombermen and women in the fight to save their home planet and five others along the way as well as having to overcome the main villain in the Black Hole world. The antagonist Buggler is truly an evil mastermind whose ultimate goal is to control and conquer the universe, he resurrects the Five Dastardly Bombers who he each orders to take control of a planet in the Starry Sky solar system for him. You can take control of not just the White Bomberman himself, but any of the seven others who accompany him on his mission.

Each character has been given their own unique personalities and feature different design choices including different shaped heads, colours and belts. Some personalities that show are of course the leadership of White Bomberman, the sleepiness of Blue and the anger in Red or Yellow’s naivety. It’s genuinely enjoyable to watch the cutscenes unfold and see how the team converses with one another and others.


Bomb everything else and not yourself, that’s more or less the key to success. Run around, drop your bombs, steer clear of the explosions and the enemies. Throughout the game more victory conditions will present themselves, sometimes to complete the stage it will literally be, kill all the enemies and then you’ll get thrown the curveball of just last for a certain amount of time or collect all the keys, once the condition is met, run the portal to advance. Each world features eight stages and then two boss stages with the first being more what your used to, run around and catch the boss in one of your explosions and the second being the big fight that introduces a specific mechanic you need to utilize to win.

For a game that relies on its gameplay, the controls have to be solid and fortunately they hit the mark. Move with the left thumbstick and use the four key buttons X, A, B and Y for Stop Bomb Kick, Plant / Throw Bomb, Special Ability and Bomb Punch respectively. Easy to use and fun to execute however towards the end of the game it can feel a little basic, making you want more diversity in what you can do to trump your foes.

In handheld mode, the game looks good running in 720p at 30 frames per second, the characters noticeably benefiting from more detail, shading and lighting effects to really make them pop on screen with my favourite being Buggler, in the final battle with him, he just looks bad ass and epic. The world’s textures appear more toned down and basic, with duplicate tiles being used a plenty and missing out on the fine detail, that being said it’s a good-looking game, and definitely up to scratch in terms of the handheld visuals standard. When it comes to TV mode, running in 1080p, the game noticeably looks so much better, colours appear to have more depth, you can see more of the detailing that’s gone on in the various textures and lighting effects are more apparent.


There are two things that can really set the pace for a game, that’s the gameplay duh and the sound. The sound design works, it’s fast, upbeat and sometimes hectic, which is exactly what it needs to be, you can feel the urgency at play because the music brings that out in you, the constant fast beats differing in pitch makes me think ‘gotta go fast’. Not only do you get the great soundtrack, but your also treated to a fully voiced cast of characters, the voice acting delivers the personality and aids in making a connection to the game and its world, these aren’t just dull characters your following and reading their dialogue.

The online multiplayer is addictive and hilarious when you can actually get into a game, there just doesn’t seem to be many players in the online modes, but when I do get into a match, watching and taking part in the craziness that unfolds brings a smile to my face. Frequently either the opponent or myself would run into our own kaboom’s, throwing away victories.

Story – 6.5/10
Visuals – 7.5/10
Sound – 7.5/10
Gameplay – 7/10
Game Design & Innovation – 7/10

Super Bomberman R may certainly not be the marquee Nintendo Switch launch title but it definitely has its place as the second game to get behind Zelda. If your one of the people not into Zelda then it should be the first game to get, it’s an enjoyable journey filled with explosions and cool characters.

OVERALL – 7.1/10 – GOOD

Reviewed by Rhys Baldwin (Jester).

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